Atomi Smart AC with Smartthings

Has anyone tried integrating Atomi Smart AC with SmartThings?

Product link

It sells at around $10 on Amazon and it looks like a very good option to control an AC, much cheaper than Sensibo or a Logitech Harmony Hub, for example.

However, I haven’t found any info about integrations with SmartThings. It lists as compatible only with Google Assistant and Alexa

This is just a replacement for an IR remote that has an app with it.

Sensibo does much more, Because you can set up its triggers based on temperature, which is what a lot of people want for an air conditioner. The atomi can only set up based on time. Sensibo also has its own Geopresence, which atomi does not.

The only integration you could get with it would be by using echo as a “man in the middle“ and I don’t know how many options that would give you.

For this particular device class, I personally prefer a SwitchBot hub mini at $39. In addition to the infrared remote controls, it also has an IFTTT integration which can be quite useful.

No question atomi is cheaper, and if it does everything you need, it’s certainly worth trying. But I think Switchbot will have easier set up and more integration options at still quite a low price. :sunglasses:

Thanks @JDRoberts for the the reply and the tip about SwitchBot, which I didn’t know about.

I have one Sensibo but I mostly don’t use anything other than switch the AC on and off on a schedule or on an automation routine.

About SwitchBot Hub Mini, how would we use it on SmartThings? Does it have a specific driver? Or if it is added to IFTTT we can action it from SmartThings easily? (I have never tried that)