Sengled Snap info

I saw this at sams club for 139, but I have never heard of it. I did a quick online search and found info, but I would like to hear from you guys. feedback, is it worth it, and most importantly, does it work with ST?

This thread makes it seem doubtful:

I had a direct response from Sengeld that this absolutely does not support streaming from the device, only from their proprietary cloud service.

So that means it falls in the “things none of us want” category. Which is a shame, since aside from that this design and feature set is nearly perfect, and it’s in a niche where nothing else exists that doesn’t have the same problems, usually with worse design and more limitations. Especially not being good outdoors.

The only thing I thing can be as close as perfect is the Kuna Light/camera fixture. I have read good things about it, but it also doesn’t offer any ST integration

Kuna has that same great failing as the Sengeld: only cloud recording.