Camera help

Hi I am looking for a camera solution. I know some of you have one working but its all a bit confusing to me. Here is what I need. I am on cell based wifi so any solution where the camera is recording videos all the time won’t work. Ideally I would like it only to take STILL photographs when motion is detected or if I activate the camera remotely. I also do not want to pay for some kind of storage service, why does it seem all the cameras are forcing this? I would like the photos to be SMS or emailed to me.
Is this kind of setup currently possible in ST?

Thank you!

Integrating Blue Iris with SmartThings would be awesome.

Blue Iris supports most of the existing security cameras and has a great full featured product including motion detection, masking, stills, video and smart device support. Several of the supported cameras feature Digital I/O so there are lots of possibilities. Integrating it with the dashboard framework is high on my list. Someone at ST should reach out to Ken Pletzer the developer at Blue Iris. It would be crazy to reinvent a wheel that already works so well. Add in a Raspberry Pi based HD camera and you would be approaching nirvana.

Sounds like this can’t happen. Any plans of adding this type of functionality?

@Mark_S_Groves I think someone already did the Blue Iris here a link

Thanks! Maybe exactly what I am looking for.