Integrate Kuna smart security lights

Kuna makes outdoor light fixtures with built in wifi cameras. Seems to be a more elegant way of having outdoor surveillance cameras. There’s always constant power to the device so you don’t have to worry about batteries, has two way audio and can be monitored from your smart phone. Will the ST team work with Kuna to integrate its functions with the ST app. I hope so because this is the kind of device I have been looking for.

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I think that’s up to the kuna team, really. That system seems pretty closed but at least they created an Alexa integration and their website says, “We have plans to integrate Kuna with other home automation products and open our own API, so other developers can integrate with Kuna as well.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and see how open their API really is, and when it becomes available to outside developers. If you’re a Kuna customer already it can’t hurt if you let them you know you’re interested in integrating their product with ST.

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I have one of these on my front door and one on the back. Although the concept is great, they don’t catch everything. Constantly missing recordings unless i log out, delete the app and reinstall it. I’ve had multiple conversations with their support about it. Still no solution. If anything I wish I would have waited for their planned integration with homekit.

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I sure hope so!

They are very, very unlikely to open access to the Video stream, unfortunately, due to the tremendous ongoing revenue it gives then ($5/month).

I currently use a Hue bulb in mine so I have SmartThings control over the light on/off/color.

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Quite a few community members, myself included, have and like the Kuna devices even though there is zero integration with SmartThings. It would be great if they added an IFTTT channel, but so far they haven’t.

You can find more discussion here:


That is a fantastic idea! I’ve got a smart switch controlling mine, which is not a great solution. I will need to replace that with a normal switch and put one of my smart lights in each Kuna…

Thank you!

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Thanks! … I had multiple motivations:

  1. I hate, hate, hate neighborhood “light pollution” and wish I could buy everyone of my neighbors “warm light” bulbs for their various street-facing outdoor lights. Too many folks use super cheap and ugly CFLs or cold bright LEDs that shine right in my window and burn my eyes. :dizzy_face:

  2. I got my Kuna around Christmas, so I figured the Hue was better than just any warm LED, since I could change it’s color festively, periodically.

  3. It’s nice to have at least a bit of my Kuna be smart and SmartThings connected!

  4. Even though I don’t subscribe to Kuna video, I still wanted to avoid disconnecting power to the camera - it’s still available for 2 hour history. Unfortunately, since SmartThings has no access to the Kuna’s motion detector, I can’t trigger the light on if it is late at night. Luckily there’s plenty of light noise pollution that the camera still works “in the dark”.

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to integrate Kuna’s activity notification on or off via ST? I’d like to tie that toggle to the home/away state of ST. I know there is no official integration for features such as motion.

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I highly (and very sadly), doubt it :confounded:.

Kuna offers ZERO interface into the API. We need their Customers to pressure them into offering this.

  • The only integration I have done is to put a Hue bulb into the Kuna so at least I have control of the light.
  • Someone really clever might be able to use Tasker or something on Android to poke into the Kuna App? … or hack their network commands (the latter is a security issue that I would hope is not possible, even if convenient).

Very sad indeed. I’ve been an early adopter and waiting for an official interface. I’m positive using packet capture we can replicate network calls to their servers. However, that’s asking for problems and unlikely to result in a positive outcome from the company.

Let’s hope they make some progress.

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I too am a fairly early adopter of Kuna, and it’s main asset is that it reliably gives me a live full-face view of people at my front and back doors, so . . . Mission Accomplished; or at least that’s how Kuna feels about it. Today I wrote them the following:

“I continue to be a Kuna booster and supporter (my nephew in Florida is adding 3 to his home), but it’s really important that you at least add IFTTT support, if not a full api for SmartThings access. I’ve had to add a separate motion-sensor to the entryway of my Lake Arrowhead cabin just to tell the SmartThings inside that someone is at the door, and that is ridiculous, considering the investment I have in Kuna cameras that do the same thing except that the only thing they do is ding my app. Kuna should be so much more than a one-trick pony. I’m not a prophet, but I’m quite sure you won’t be around in 2020 unless you get Kuna out of the “silo” and, while I think IFTTT is clunky, at least it’s a doable baby-step forward.”

This is the response: “Thank you so much for your feedback! We designed Kuna for a more mainstream audience that is not necessarily as comfortable with managing their own surveillance system. Although we are looking into more advanced options for the future, such as API and IFTTT, we do not have any definite release dates for those features at this time.”

Basically, don’t buy Kuna if you are hoping for integration with Smartthings. My crystal ball, based on numerous interactions over a year, says “It ain’t happening.”



The only action that would be successful is for a “large” number of Kuna customers to say they will cancel their Kuna subscriptions until they offer integrations and/or API.

I wonder if there is a Kuna user’s group? This would be difficult to organize.

I’m getting pretty tired of the constant issues I’m hav ing with my two Kunas. When it works, it’s great, but lately I can’t even pull up the live feed. Have had this issue before. Their stellar cs suggestions are, log out, uninstall and reinstall the app, restart the Kuna. None of this fixes anything.

It’s amazing how incompetent some companies are. Especially since Kuna has extra incentive to be reliable in order to sell subscriptions…

Just saw these on sale at Costco. Very curious until I found out there is no API or third party integration. I’m probably going to buy one and return it so they understand they are missing out on an opportunity.

You must have a lot of free time on your hands.

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They announced integration with Google Assistant about a week ago.

I didn’t investigate to see if this was an indication that they were perhaps considering other “obvious” integrations like Alexa and SmartThings.

They’ve already had Alexa integration for over a year, but just for the porch light, not the camera. :sunglasses:

I have the Kuna, I like it, I use it. It doesn’t integrate with anything else, and there’s no question I wish that it did, but it’s been a useful front porch video doorbell. :sunglasses:

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I end it removing the camera from the lamp fixture and install one of those wifi camera where I can access the stream directly and comes with several utilities respond to google or Alexa commands, also I installed one hue lamp from, so far excellent results, since I can use my surveillance from synology station together with the rest of cameras from foscam, etc, etc. Not having to pay monthly bill to access my camera system. Also able to see all my cameras directly with one single app.

Installed it in the Kuna housing?

I’d love to do that. …