List of cameras

Continuing the discussion from SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility:

I have read all the entries and there are many smart who really know what they are doing. I am looking for a list or recommendation of video camera that is supported (hopefully out of the box) with smarttiles. thank you

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I imagine your preference is for cameras that are SmartThings compatible too.

That’s a much shorter list.

thank you for your response

yes, the cameras are limited for smartthings, so as long as it works with smarttiles and doesn’t require a monthly fee,

Any camera that supports sending MJPEG via a URL will work with SmartTiles.

Foscam C1 (and most Foscam cameras, but ask)
Axis 215 PTZ (but probably all Axis, though I doubt anyone cares since these are $600 cameras)

The IP Cam app from the iOS App Store will turn any old iOS device into a MJPEG compatible web camera.

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