Wireless Home Camera

We are working on a smart wireless home camera project and part of the goal is to find better and efficient ways to integrate it into the IoT ecosystem. This obviously includes SmartThings hub which is why I am asking the community what they’d look forward to in a new WIFI home camera.

We would like to know your thoughts on setup, features, function, IFTTT or whatever you think would make it efficient and productive tool for you.


The biggest thing that most of us would like is MJPEG so it’s compatible with SmartTiles.
We like having the ability to view everything from one central location, so SmartTiles viewing is a big seller.

We plan to share images in dashboard friendly data formats so you been able to view on SmartTiles is important to us.

Some things almost all of us want:

  • MJPEG streaming for SmartTiles compatibility
  • Works out of the box with either the Generic Camera Device or has its own Device Handler
  • Set up or access in ANY reasonable web browser, not just f**king Internet Explorer. Yes, this includes Safari.
  • Reliable motion detection

Things some of us want:

  • Blue Iris compatibility
  • Powered via USB, like the Foscam C1. Gives great flexibility

Some things none of us want:

  • manufacturer-only DDNS and cloud recording
  • Adobe Flash
  • Manufacturer-specific browser plugins

You know, I’m lucky to have gotten temporary hold of an AXIS PTZ215 and it’s just about perfect. It’s an older camera, big, but anyone would be happy with it. Now, that’s got a ~$600 price tag on it even though it’s a 5 year old camera, but find a manual for it to find a great list of capabilities for you guys to emulate.

Not at all sure about the desire for Ethernet or PoE for home cameras.

A final thought: If the Sengled SNAP didn’t do several things on the “don’t want” list above, I would buy at least 2 or 3 of them today. Camera in a spotlight form factor? YES PLEASE!
Seriously, I love that form factor, it’s brilliant, but the manufacturer cloud streaming only kills it for the ST crowd.


All from the above and POE. Lot of ppl want a clean install.


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+1 PoE

20 characters

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Some things almost all of us want:

  • it is MJPEG streaming enabled
  • it has a super easy out of box setup
  • An effortless data access experience with web clients like IE, Mozilla, Chrome and even Safari with its wacky extensions that’s tricky with plug-ins.
  • A very reliable motion, temperature and humidity sensors.

Things some of us want:

  • it is Blue Iris compatible
    *it can be powered via USB

Some things none of us want:
*We have options of private cloud storage, our free plan storage or premium cloud storage
*I don’t know what you mean by no Adobe.
*We support browser plug-ins with good security architectures.

We are making something sleeker than the AXIS with a friendlier price tag :slight_smile: The camera is designed with PoE and 802.11 radios on board for wireless connectivity. The camera is not in a spotlight form but we think you would love it too.

Easy setup and installation. We want our customers’ to have an enjoyable UX

Yes to PoE. 20 characters?

Smartthings Newbie here.

Many of the wireless home cameras come with their own software, be it local\cloud storage for video, motion tracking, facial recognition etc. It is currently confusing how the SmartThings hub benefits from integration from cameras. Will motion that is picked up by a camera start a SmartThings routine? Can video be saved locally? Or is the integration quite simple i.e. streaming video in, only? Some clarity would be helpful to start. Then benefiting from their output and integrating them into SmartThings would be interesting. You could effectively build your own security system without reverting to one of the expensive aftermarket security solutions.

My 2cents

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Following thread because of this… Currently in the market for flexible camera system that can connect to ST or other HA systems and supports NAS recording.

Can you give a current size comparison?

Basically, we want a nest cam with Poe option and work like a Foscam.

And a weatherproof one that’s built into a spotlight.


With 2-Way communication…Because why not? =D

Also, I would like this device to make my morning toast =P

Hey now! It ALMOST exists: https://www.sengled.com/product/snap

Trouble is Sengeld only offers proprietary streaming.

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I know, I saw this Only from your post above, It looks Awesome, and I’m glad you pointed it out, but yeah w/o NAS I wouldn’t even think about it - I already have too many devices I can’t integrate, or control…

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@anthonyK Our current retail price estimate is between $160 - $180. @Navat604 We are bringing you something even better than a nestcam with PoE :slight_smile: @mdawson the first version is going to be an indoor version which is very durable but not weatherproof. An outdoor version is due soon. @schapper05 It has twin speakers and a microphone for 2 way communication and if you have a smart toaster connected to your HA, it could tell it when to make your rise and shine toast :sunny:


Uh oh, I was only kidding! I assume you mean through the use of using its various sensors connected to ST and that its not another hub :wink:

For both indoor and outdoor models please consider including a light sensor.
Also will it have ir night vision?

Ptz? Not a deal breaker, just curious.

So far I like the sound of it. I didn’t expect you to say it had 2 way comm.

Cool and we are happy that you like our features. We are still considering an ambient sensor and trying to analyze how often people use it and the tradeoffs. Not affirmative but it doesn’t seem like priority now.

I guess i’m not sure what it would add to the price, but I would think it would be minimal. There are many people around here that use the lux value to trigger different rules. i.e. maybe I don’t want to record the living room video when lux is above “x” And were home And there haven’t been any doors opened. It’s just another way to limit false positives, and gives us a reason not to buy another sensor and instead buy your camera + sensors =D

The more sensors… The better.