Sengled Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor PAR38 Bulb (E13-N11WA)


Sengled has new Zigebee Flood light with a motion sensor (sold at BestBuy for on April 2019). It is announced as Smartthings compatible, but it is not listed as one of the official devices supported.

Since it’s sold as Smartthings compatible it will at last be recognized as a Zigbee bulb, but I’m not that sure about the motion sensor.

It’s seems to be a very good solution to be used as conventional flood light, alarm trigger, and as a regular lamp for a pation, since it can be dimmed.

Any one has ever tested this one with Smartthings that can share the experience.


Ooooh, I like this idea. Been wanting a motion sensor on my back deck so when we are out enjoying the warm weather the whole house doesn’t go to sleep. This would give me that PLUS another controllable light. I poked around the page and it doesn’t seem clear to me what motion sense events you get access to, but I did see the below review which makes me think it does. I also see the desc notes “integrated daylight sensor” which maybe could offer up brightness readings?

“I am a big fan of Sengled products and have used both motion and smart led bulbs in our house for a couple of years. I was very excited when this bulb came out because it combines smart functionality with motion sensing. We use this in a fixture over our portico. It was easily programmed in SmartThings to come on at a certain time (night), dim when no motion is sensed, brighten when motion is sensed, and send alerts of motion when we are not home or asleep. It is as easy to control through SmartThings as their other lights, but with integrated motion sensing so you can do more cool stuff. I am a big fan!”

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they created a special handler for it, so both light and motion should work out of the box with SmartThings.

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With the new app?

:man_shrugging: they added an OCF type to the handler, so at minimum the bulb part will work with the new app. Looks like it runs locally too.

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Many outdoor bulbs/fixtures which have built in motion sensors have motion sensors that only operate when the bulb is off. This is to avoid the heat from the bulb itself from triggering the motion sensor. So the motion sensors can work really well to turn on the light itself but then become inactive until the light goes off again.

For this reason, they aren’t always exposed as a “motion sensor“ to a home automation system because they won’t work when the light is on.

I don’t know what is true for this particular device, though.

Thanks. I just bought two of them from Sengled website .

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Just started using it. It is recognized as “ZigBee Dimmer with Motion Sensor”.
It works very well. The only drawback so far is not having a setting for sensitivity.


Does the motion sensor work while the light is on?

Yes, but I still have to evaluate its sensitiveness and accuracy. For the moment one of then bulbs is giving a very high amount of false positives due to vibrations on holder. I’ll fix it and I’ll let you know.

The other bulb I.have installed is not triggering false motion alerts (better attachment and less vibrations)

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I contacted Sengled support and it seems we can have an Device Handler in the future.

Here’s their response:

Sengled Element Classic PAR38 Motion Sensor bulb where it currently has the ability to connect but some of the features of this bulb (the timer, the bulb options, etc.) are still in the process of being edited and developed. The bulbs functions are primarily set up to be controlled with the Sengled hub and the final updates for the full integration with the SmartThings hub and bulb options are coming soon. Unfortunately there is no date for when that will be finished but it should not be too far off. The bulb still functions as a motion sensor and will work correctly because of the hardware within the bulb providing the motion sensing capabilities but the settings and particulars to be set in the SmartThings app are soon to come.

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I also own this bulb. In fact, I was the one who posted the positive review on Sengleds website that was included in one of the earlier posts in this thread. I was super excited when this bulb was announced and was probably one of the first people to purchase it. It worked great for the first few months, but I have had a bit of trouble with it lately (more on why I believe that is in a moment). I too have been in contact with Sengled customer service. I would like to see better control of the bulb in SmartThings, primarily to adjust the sensitivity. They told me they are working on it, so hopefully we will see more functionality in the future.

Ok, so the bulb worked great for the first few months because the weather was cold and the bugs weren’t out yet. We use this light in a 12" can that is 18’ up in a vaulted portico entry we have. I setup the bulb to come on at sundown and off at sunrise. Between that time it is dimmed to 10%, but comes up to 100% when motion is detected. In addition, I set it up to push alerts and texts when motion is detected at night or when we are away. All of this worked flawlessly until summer came around. I think thermal drafting during the day in conjunction with bugs at night causes a lot of false positives. On windy days, I get a ton of false alerts during the daylight (no bugs drawn to the light) and at night, I got so many alerts that I had to disable the configuration so my wife didn’t kill me.

I had a concern bugs may be a problem, but didn’t know it would be so bad. I have other half-dim/full-on motion lights in the back of our house that are not tripped by bugs, so if there was a way to adjust the sensitivity, that may solve the problem; however, I recognize the motion sensor is directly on the bulb face itself, unlike the rear lights where the motion sensor is above the lights, so not sure if sensitivity adjustment will solve the issue or not.

Long story short, the bulb works great in theory and is highly flexible in SmartThings. However, it lacks sensitivity configuration to diminish the number of false positives. I may try putting in a separate motion detector to control the light and disabling the integrated one in the light; however, this defeats the purpose in my view.

Will keep folks posted as I evolve the setup. This has been a thorn in my side in an otherwise near perfect SmartThings setup!


I have the new Samsung SmartThings WiFi Hub (v3). I added the Sengled PAR38 bulb directly via the SmartThings app (new version). I did the old “flick the light on 10 times” and it connected like instructed. However it seems it has not picked up the motion sensor component of the light. As you can see below the motion sensor area is blank.

I’m pretty familiar with the IDE and checked the device type. It has be auto-added as the “ZigBee Dimmer with Motion Sensor” which seems to be what has been mentioned above.

Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor PAR38 Bulb
ZigBee Dimmer with Motion Sensor
Data * application: 01

  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: sengled
  • model: E13-A21

Any ideas as to why the motion sensor is not being recognised? I have deleted the device and tried adding it with the old SmartThing app also. No luck.

Any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

FYI, if anyone is having the same problem as me with PAR38 bulb, I received the following from Sengled technical support. Seems like it’s a known issue that needs to be fixed at Samsung/SmartThings end. I’m also in Australia (hence my model number is E13-A21).

"The SmartThings hub will add the Element PAR38 bulbs, however, we are still waiting on SmartThings to integrate the use of the motion detection. We have sent the request for integration, however, they have yet to get back to us on how the integration process is going. As for now, the Element PAR38 bulbs will only function as smart bulbs. "

I have found a basic workaround for now. I’ll post shortly.

Mine is working using the same device type.
It can be related to v3 (I’m using v2) or can be a defective unit.

Best regards!

Thanks Rafael. Weird how Sengled technical support said that they are waiting for SmartThings to integrate. Perhaps is my Australian model, or as you stated, it might be the newer V3 SmartThings hub. I will ask Sengled the question.

Mine is also working as light with motion sensor. I got fed up with the number of motion detections. Tonight I cleared all the rules I created for its operation and am going to check the log files to see if I still get as many motion detections as before. I also experience the bulb doing weird things like turning on during hours when all the rules I setup state it should be off. Perhaps something the bulb got confused somehow. I’m not sure. For now, I’m continuing to troubleshoot. Will keep everyone posted.

As an aside, is it possible to setup some kind of device handler to adjust motion sensitivity?


I followed-up with Sengled by email and they reached out by phone the next day to discuss (great customer service by the way!). Turns out the bulb is compatible with SmartThings for on/off and dimming, but the motion sensing component is not integrated yet. In fact, the customer service rep was surprised I was able to get the motion piece to work at all (said there were only a couple people who have had success with it, so maybe some of the early bulbs were different??). Anyway, Sengled has submitted all its documentation to integrate with ST, but ST has not processed/approved it all just yet. Until that integration happens, it will be hit and miss.

The rep did confirm the sensor is a PIR, so part of my issue may be due to having the bulb installed in a high portico where updrafting can occur. It also explains why I didn’t really experience issues in the winter, but did once the weather warmed up. However, sensitivity adjustment may be able to dial this out.

To Sengled’s credit, they offered to exchange my bulb with a new one (I declined) and give me a discount on a Sengled hub, but for now, I am going to wait it out in hopes ST integration is around the corner. In the meantime, I may try to leverage some motion enabled cameras I have via IFTTT to control the light.

Overall, I am still a huge fan of Sengled. With all this smart home stuff, you have to expect some hiccups along the way. Just means more tinkering to do, but hey, that’s half the fun of it, right? :slight_smile:

Hi @ bdbarbato Seems like we got similar responses from Sengled. I’m finding the motion detection is way too sensitive. Let me know if you find a way to adjust sensitivity via code? I’m going to try a good old hack and cover the sensor with some plastic (supermarket bags do the trick) but it kind of defeats the purpose of having a smart light.

I bought a couple of these bulbs because I read they were compatible with ST. Of course was frustrated to learn that was only partly true. I did manage to get both bulbs to turn on with motion but once they turn on they stay on until I manually turn them off using the ST app or wall switch. Even if they turn on by motion at 1 am in the dark they stay on into daylight and dont shut off.
Is there an auto shutoff I’m missing?

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