Sengled deal on Amazon

Sengled Element Classic A19 Smart Home LED Bulb 30% off coupon. Not sure if only prime. Selected 8 pack A19 bulbs. Total was $52.49. Just had to check box to use coupon.


Discount applies to 4 pack as well. Just got 4…$26 and change for 4 bulbs.

Thanks for the post.

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Needed four bulbs, so this price/timing was perfect.

These are available as well:

Good catch.Was intetested til I saw the floodlights don’t turn on and off with motion…

Yep, that was discouraging to me too, but since I run my floods as security lights, and the camera records on motion, I decided to give them a try. It’ll be a no-install security camera setup.

4 more for me, thanks!

I bought the 3 pack Sengled RBG bulbs with hub since they were also on sale. Since smartthings has that 32 ZigBee device limit, I want to use the included hub. Because why not? But I’m having trouble connecting the Sengled hub to smartthings. Does anyone have any advice? Is it even possible?

32 device limit on zigbee? I have lots of Zibee devices, time to start counting. I have seen 32 Zigbee devices direct to the hub but if it goes through a repeater it does not count.

Looks like I have 60 Zigbee devices so either the 32 has changed or devices through repeaters don’t count.

this thread may help

Seems like repeaters extend the limit. That’s good, I have a couple of those. The Zigbee RGBW device type didn’t seem to work for the bulb. So looks like I’m stuck using the Sengled hub at the moment though.

If you have repeaters then you can add more zigbee end devices. Repeaters like Lowes Iris outlet, samsung outlet or cree bulbs. They let you add additional zigbee end devices on top of 32 limit. To pair cree bulbs and use as repeaters they either need to be within 32 or connected after a repeater lile outlet has been added.
I recently posted a thread where i shared how many devices each outlet and cree can repeat.

They are reduced again for a Lightning Deal and the promo is now 20% off at checkout. So the price is down to around $5 per dimmable bulb.

Yup just bought an 8 pack I don’t need. LOL I will find a use. :slight_smile:

I see it as $74.99 on the page right now, then it takes away $15 making it a total of $65 for me. Were you referencing a different deal because the one I see is about $8 a bulb. I’d love to grab $5/bulb but I suspect I missed out. Wah wah. :slight_smile:

Yeah, last night they ran a deal where the 4pk was 27.75 ($10 off Lightning Deal) - 20% at Checkout for a total of $20 and change. The singles were $7.49 Lightning - 20%.

And the 8 packs that you were watching were around $54.99 - 20% at checkout. It came to a little over $40.

The deal only lasted around 6 hours. Sorry, man.

Actually, the funny thing was that I was running around digging out bulbs and getting a count to see if I could justify the 4/8pk.

I found 3 Lightify dimmable and 4 tunables in a box under some extra parts, so I just said no. Then, I came back 2 hours later and said YES, but all the 4 & 8pks were 100% claimed. So, I bought a single just to spite the Sylvanias.

This is the face of addition, people!

Lightning Deal until 11:30am PST on a 4-Pack $28.49 12/25/2017
Update: Save 40% more with one time code 40ECA19S

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If you want just one bulb $6 from Slickdeals: