Sengled light strip is on but there is no light

I have 2 swngled light strips under my kitchen cabinets & there light as if it’s off but in the smart things app it says they are on & the dimmer is set to 50%. I hit the power button in the app & it spins for a few seconds but they go on or off. Am I crazy because I see no light & dimmer is.not ser to 0. I even ask alexa to.turn them on & off & she does so its paired to smartthings.

Very strange, I unplugged the lights & plugged them.back on & they went on. @JDRoberts

After a power failure, my zigbee Hampton bay fan controller will sometimes exhibit the exact same behavior.

Now I just tried diming the light in alexa & it didn’t work.

The connection to led strip is probably loose were you push it into the cable. Pretty sure mine came that way when I got one.

I unplugged the 1 strip & it worked again but the other strip had to be reset. Everything is working now.

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