Light strips turning off by themselves

I have 3 Sylvania light strips under my kitchen cabinets. They turn on a few minutes before sunset & turn off a few minutes after sunrise. They are zigbee. Ive had them for over 4 years without issue… well sometimes the usual samsung issue that is. Anyway, since laat week, my cabinet lights turn off at 4am & turn back on 5am & its not programed to do that. When i look at each device, its listed under 2 automations, lights on & off. All thenotjer lights shut off at regular time… its only the cabinet lights acting up. I run a few automations & the cabinet lights are not listed in them so i have no clue whats going on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks dom

do you use Alexa? If yes, check if Hunches is enabled and creating Routines in Alexa.


Yes & i didnt even think of that. Let me check now. Thank you.

That was it. Thank you.