Sengled LED Bulbs Going Offline (Mar 2024)

After the latest hub update I started having problems with my Sengled LED lights in my bedroom. It seems like there has been a degradation of the signal that took all of the lights in one room offline. I was able to reload/add them back but it was strange that this occurred all at once. Occasionally I have had one of these go offline but never the entire group of LED. Any thoughts from the community on why this might be happening all at once.

Can confirm I’m experiencing the same issue. Tried to delete and reconnect it to no avail, multiple times.

I was able to delete and then add back the devices once then they all went out again. I reset/turned off the hub then tried it again and was able to get al of the LEDs back on line again. They are still working tonight. I have had an issue before but never al of the LEDs in one rook. Usually just one and only occasionally.