Sengled Element Plus vs. Element Touch

I have a five-bulb (downward facing) fixture over my kitchen table that I’m thinking of converting to “smart”. The wiring in this house doesn’t make a wall switch replacement easy, so I’m looking at these two Sengled bulb options.

I see the differences in product capabilities (touch on/off/dim vs. wider color tuning seems to be the primary difference), but I’m wondering if anyone who has actual experience with either/both of these can share the good and bad about them for this intended use.


I have the touch. It’s a very heavy bulb, which may not be a problem in a light fixture, but is something to consider in a lamp with a narrow base. The touch also can’t have the color temperature controlled. It changes color temperature itself based on dim %. The button is nice for manual control in a lamp, though. Unless you need a physical button on the bulb to control it, i’d go with the plus or Classic.

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Thanks. I didn’t realize that the Touch’s color temp wasn’t controllable. That was one of the features I was looking for over the Classic, so I’ll cross it off the list for this purpose.

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