Sengled Element Color Plus vs other color bulbs?

Does anyone have any comparison between these Sengled color bulb and the Sylvania color bulbs? Are they about the same in brightness and color?

Can’t speak to that question, but this may be of interest to you nonetheless.

Sylvania lightify bulbs, on the other hand, can be crappy zigbee repeaters, so they can create zigbee mesh issues in a way that the sengled bulbs would not.

I am using the Sengled Element Color Plus bulbs. They work very well and I am pleased with them. However, since these are my first color bulbs, I cannot provide any comparison data against Hue or Sylvania. I chose these bulbs because 1) No need for a Hue bridge, and 2) they are not Zigbee repeaters.

You can get them on sale today at Amazon for ~$24 a bulb as part of Prime Day (assuming you’re a Prime member.)

That’s kind of why I was asking. I already have a few sylvania color bulbs and am not 100% satisfied with their colors. Want to know if these Sengled are any better considering the Sylvania were also on sale for $20 a bulb.

Yeah, most of my house is currently filled with Sengled classic and plus bulbs on smart switches. I like that they are not repeaters so I can still use the switches to turn them off/on with the added functionality of dimming them through the zigbee connection. But now I am having some zigbee mesh issues that I probably need to get some repeaters to resolve.

Anyway, I haven’t tried the Sengled colors yet so was hoping someone here had some experience with them.