Sengled bulbs $6.99 @Amazon

Amazon has Sengled Element Classic A19 Smart Home LED Bulb on sale for $9.99 - Extra $3 off w/ promo code 30EA19NJ (apply at checkout) = $6.99. Shipping is free with Prime or if you spend $25 or more.


They are the yellow bulbs, not tunable and you can only buy one.

Personally, I see no point in a smart bulb that can just turn on and off. It needs to be white tunable in the least otherwise I just use standard daylight bulbs.

I wish the Sengled plus would go on another sale. Those ones are awesome. They are tunable white and dimable. You can even dim them with a standard wall dimmer. I have dimmed them down with the wall dimmer and then dimmed them at the bulbs to get them barely on lol.

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I just put these in my basement and have it setup so when I go into the basement all of the lights turn on. My basement is unfinished and I just wanted a simple setup that would light it up when I went down.

That being said, they work great, pairing with SmartThings was super simple and they are dimmable.

All the cons are listed above.


It’s possible to do this with any smart bulb, but I’ve read that doing so could damage them.

Do you mean that these bulbs are not impacted negatively by controlling them with a physical dimmer switch?

I honestly never tried using a wall dimmer with other smart bulbs as i assumed it would not work because they were not advertized as working with wall dimmers. Good to know others work as well I guess. Which ones have you tried? I would be afraid to try in case it damaged them.

I had some GE link bulbs on a switch that was a dimmer. At some point I swapped the dimmer for an on/off switch. Then I stopped using GE Link bulbs because they’re just terrible.

Singled bulbs advertise they work with dimmer switches?

While you can, it is not good for the health of the electronics in the bulbs. The radio needs full power at all times. You can use a standard dimmer to control a fan too, do it and see how long the motor lasts.

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Yep the sengled element plus bulbs do:

I’d rather only use them as they were advertized. As far as I have seen, most dimmers specifically state not to use with fans. And if dimming the element plus bulbs damages them I can just get a warranty replacement as they died prematurely. But so far they have been great.