Sengled deal on Amazon

Nice, picked up a 4pack. Never know when you’ll need to replace or want to add another light to the mix.

Thanks, always good to have spares and a great price too.

Ok, so the camera floodlights are still on sale for 30% off ($139.99 per 2-pack). I finally opened mine today and there is one MAJOR issue: Motion-detected recordings are only available for paid plans which start at $3.99/month.

This is bad, especially since you can’t record the live streams at all. The resolution is actually pretty good, so it’s still a good option for anyone who wants an easy-install, non-recordable, live-stream flood cam.

Price was tempting but I want floodlights to turn on with motion. I’m resigned to the fact there will be fees for servers/ cloud service for most systems…

This is why you need to check if they work with BlueIris. So you can have your own server recording to your own cloud:FTP service.

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Agreed. At this point, the cloud business model is what we’ll have to deal with as this is the “hook” that companies are forced to implement to retain customers and offer us products at ever-reducing prices.

8-pack with the code:

Items: $74.99
Shipping & handling: $0.00
Lightning Deal: -$21.75
Promotion applied: -$15.00
Total before tax: $38.24
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
Order total: $38.24

Are these more reliable than GE Link?

So far, they seem much more reliable. I replaced 9 GE links with Hue and these Sengled bulbs. I’m going to repurpose my GE link bulbs in areas where a smart light is a bonus but not necessary and use them as dumb bulbs.

Hard to think of anything less reliable than the GE/Wink. You’re setting the bar pretty low.

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It’s what I had

Used both - seem to be more reliable. You need to know that they are not repeaters, so you can’t make a chain from one end to the other. All depends on where your hub is and how large your house is