ST not recognizing new Sengled Bulb

Im not able to add Sengled bulb to the ST. I already have 8 other Sengled bulbs working with ST without having to use a Sengled bulb.

My issue is I have another 3 bulbs and I’m not able to add them to ST. I’ve tried to reset bulbs multiple times and still not able to see them added.

Here is the behaviour I see:

  • I reset the bulb and it starts blinking. As soon as I startup ST app, it blinks 3 more times and then stays on. However the app is still in search mode until it stops and recommends to add them manually. I have no success also adding them manually via app.

Anybody run into this issue?



Possibly reaching the 32 zigbee limit. Any other zigbee devices?

That was it… Now Im going through all the 32 device limit threads on this board. Thanks for the pointer.

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