ST not recognizing new Sengled Bulb


Im not able to add Sengled bulb to the ST. I already have 8 other Sengled bulbs working with ST without having to use a Sengled bulb.

My issue is I have another 3 bulbs and I’m not able to add them to ST. I’ve tried to reset bulbs multiple times and still not able to see them added.

Here is the behaviour I see:

  • I reset the bulb and it starts blinking. As soon as I startup ST app, it blinks 3 more times and then stays on. However the app is still in search mode until it stops and recommends to add them manually. I have no success also adding them manually via app.

Anybody run into this issue?



(Jimmy) #2

Possibly reaching the 32 zigbee limit. Any other zigbee devices?


That was it… Now Im going through all the 32 device limit threads on this board. Thanks for the pointer.