Sengled bulbs

Sengled has their element bulbs on sale for $8.99 and their br30s for $10.49. Please note they don’t repeat the signal. I have 7 of them and am adding 3 more. Google search for their site. Amazon also has the deal but I couldn’t find the br30s.

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Do you know how these compare to the GE br30? Are these reliable and don’t drop often would you say?

They are officially supported. I haven’t had them drop off. I never have tried the ge bulbs.

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Cool. And I’m assuming I don’t need their hub? Would you say the br30 are bringht enough to be an outdoor light? Don’t need super bright just enough to light the driveway.

FYI - their website recommends NOT using them outside.

Looks like they’re down to $7.99 Slickdeals.

What’s the most economic solution for light switches for things like these?

Not being a router can actually be a good thing. Bulbs are notoriously bad routers but it is worth noting that it won’t extend your mesh network.


These should never be used on a Smart Switch. If you mean a remote switch there are several options in the forums from buttons to minimotes.

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Do these bulbs execute locally? I dont see a “sengled” device handler in the IDE

Have people been using these? If so, how have they found them for reliability? As for not being a repeater, where did you see that? Is that a hardware limitation or might they be enabled by firmware?

I have not heard of reliability issues with these bulbs but they are designed as ZigBee endpoints, meaning they will not work as repeaters. As a note, many of the ZigBee bulbs that do act as repeaters suffer limitations due to limited buffer and address space.


I have 2 Elements and they’ve been rock solid as far as being used with SmartThings.

However, the bulbs have a physical on-off switch and it broke on one of the bulbs. The bulb kept working remotely, so it hasn’t really impacted me.

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Didn’t know they had a switch. Does it just title the light or does it actually cut the power? Meaning can you manually switch the light off or on and then programmatically flip it back?