Sengled bulbs for ST?

Does anybody have experience using those fairly new Sengled white only bulbs?

I’m thinking about getting a bunch. Because my Wemo bulbs… I’m sick and tired of resetting them because they turn on randomly.

Before I buy about 10 of these, I just want to know other people’s experiences with them. Thanks.

Yep. I have some. Work like a charm. Very pleased with them, especially at that price point.

These are the bulbs I use in my house. However, as a warning, Sengled bulbs do not act as routers. This means that other end devices (like sensors) won’t route through them. This is probably not a problem as just the hub’s reach is fairly far, and it you have just a few other devices that are routers your network should be fine. Personally I consider the fact that they aren’t routers as beneficial as it means even if someone removes power (i.e. physically flipping off a switch they are connected to), it doesn’t mess up your Zigbee network. However, it’s good to know going in that these won’t be extending the range of your Zigbee network.


I just got one to replace a GE Link (gah, awful) and so far so good, but its only been 3 days. Maybe before going all in just get 1 or 2 and see if you like them?

Also, FYI, we do have these in the SmartThings shop and there is a discount for buying more than 1 at a time.

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Just put in 4 this weekend and all connected quickly and are working as advertised.

Two of the three devices on my new SmartThings hub are these. They work perfectly with the third device… a Bosch motion sensor. I expect my new setup to become self aware by the weekend.