Why was the contact book feature discontinued?

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Hello Gentlemen,

I have a question?
I guess i never paid attention because my account is one of the few whose grandfathered into this feature.

Why was this removed since for those that have it is working great? These types of decisions are crazy since it’s certainly not a technical or platform limitation since it’s working great for those allowed to use it.

How are we supposed to selectively choose who gets notifications? These types or things are very irritating to try and develop something with notification that allow the end users with options. This is unacceptable on a system that uses/promotes notifications heavily.

It’s not discontinued permanently. We are focused on stability and reliability right now so some features have taken a back seat to that. But we do still plan to make this available.

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Thanks Tim,

I had to ask because someone sent me a reply they received from support basically said it’s no longer a feature and is not supported

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Taking “a back seat” is different from pulling a feature and support responding that it’s not supported. Regardless of the reason, how difficult would it have been to provide some advance notice? Even a 1-liner posting here a couple hours before it was yanked would have been better than end users finding out on their own. It just leaves the impression that the people here are thought of by ST as nuisances that must be tolerated, rather than as co-developers.


Repeat after me: SmartThings does not send out pre-release notes.

Well… Not 100% true. There have been some published from time to time, and I’m glad more people are expressing how important and valuable this is.


Not even close to 100% true. A recent example is the Cron job announcement.

Gee… do I have to put my disclaimers on the same line as my hyperbole (NB: I clarified one line down as “not 100% true”)… :wink:

Indeed, I acknowledged and thanked @slagle for the advance announcement of the cron change (while giving feedback that having the system silently change cron without notes in the log was a concern…).

Anyhow; Let’s take this as a positive sign that SmartThings is willing and able to post pre-release announcements and notes; and perhaps even are open to Community feedback on the proposed changes before implementation… ?

Hey. My comment was merely an expression of how I felt, and not a criticism of what you wrote. I know its the interwebs, but we’re all friends here…



Any news when Contact Book may be enabled for the EU? Seems as normal another feature that we do not have yet or did have and has not been put back. Would be a very useful feature though!

I am able to access it via the IDE under graph.api. but as soon as I try it via graph-eu01-euwest1.api. I get an Access Denied Error so to me it appears it is disabled or perhaps I am missing something here in which case apologies.