Multiple SMS text messages

Hello all,

New ST user here as I am trying out both ST and Vera Edge at the same time trying to determine which to keep.

My question now is how can I setup to get text messages on 2 phones?

For now and I think it’s working, is to setup default text messages to my phone and then I setup a custom routine to text my wife when the front door opens while in the away mode, this way we both get notified however I am not sure this is the best way to go about it.

Since I don’t see the option to add a user from my contact list for notifications or how to enter a second phone number, I am kinda stuck

Thanks in advance

One thing you could do is have the events text you and also turn on a virtual switch…then set it up so that the virtual switch turning on then sends a text to the other number.

Hey Brian,

Tell me more about the virtual switch. Where is it installed and configured? I am not familiar

Also, the custom setup is not sending a text upon an event. I have a custom message so I can tell where it’s coming from and all I am getting is the std text on event, not the custom event

Any help would be appreciated

Here’s a link to all the info on virtual switches:

For the custom event, is his a text or a push message?

One thing you could use (as long as the device and action are supported) is Rule Machine.
It is extremely popular on here and allows you to configure Rules which are comprised of Triggers, Conditions, and Actions (you can set up multiple conditions and actions for different events).

Using Rule Machine you could absolutely set up the Rule to have an action of Turning On a Virtual Switch as well as Sending a Text Message. You could also set up Push Notifications.

Thanks Brian, i will read up on the VS and consider it. However I would love to get the custom trigger working as it should be very straight forward…

OK, got it to work w/o using a VS… The issue was with the Routine (Android), which is called the Current Mode (Web interface) being set to “Sleep”, once I changed it to Goodbye the trigger worked as expected. This is what I was looking for. (I would have never found it if I hadn’t logged into the web interface)

Now, please explain the difference between the Dashboard Security options (ARM/AWAY, ARM/STAY and DISARM on the Android) and Current Mode/Routine. I thought the current mode was only triggers you setup to run, why would I ever change the current mode/routine? Or do I just leave it alone and only change the theme from the dashboard?

One step forward, 2 steps back :smile:


OK, so I watched the video of setting up the routines and he is using a Samsung phone (Android), he selects contacts to send text messaging to… I don’t see that option when setting up text/push notification.

What am I missing?