Send text messages to multiple cell numbers?

Can I enter more than 1 cell number for SMS text messages? It seems that I cannot, at least through the Windows Phone app, but I want to confirm. If I enter a 2nd number separated from the 1st by a space, neither number receives a text.



Custom SmartApp. Look at Bon voyage and tweak it to your needs.

Where do I GET the Bon Voyage smart app, please? I see mentions of it in the Smart Apps category here, but I don’t see where or how to download and install it. Thanks, -Doug

Here is a code snippet that will allow you to text several numbers that are seperated by semi-colon “;”.

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

private sendMessage(evt) {
def msg = messageText ?: defaultText(evt)
log.debug “$$evt.value, pushAndPhone:$pushAndPhone, ‘$msg’”

if (!phone || pushAndPhone != “No”) {
log.debug “sending push"
if (phone) {
if ( phone.indexOf(”;") > 1){
def phones = phone.split(";")
for ( def i = 0; i < phones.size(); i++) {
log.debug "sending SMS ${i+1} to ${phones[i]}"
sendSms(phones[i], msg)
} else {
log.debug "sending SMS to ${phone}"
sendSms(phone, msg)
if (frequency) {
state[evt.deviceId] = now()


If you tend to send the messages from computer to mobile, Android Manager allows you to fix the case. On the other hand, you can send text messages to multiple cell numbers or single number as you like. You need to connect phone to PC or connect with Wi-Fi.

Is this snippet code that needs to be added or updated to my personal github ST repo?

Have you ever tried any desktop tools that allow send text messages from PC? This is very convienent for you to manage your SMS, transfer, edit and send.

There is no any difficulty for me , like transferring messages , contacts ,or sending music ,photos program , just need to use mobile transfer program,such as how to transfer messages to computer ,

Android Assistant can be used to send text messages to mutiple cell numbers from PC, it will be more convenient by editing a long text messages from computer. With it, you can also manage your text messages like edit, add, transfer, backup nad restore.


Where would this code need to be placed to get the desired effect?

I am a complete newbie but I have a different kind of suggestion on how to receive SMS text messages (ST notifications) at more than 1 cell number, for those of us who want a simple solution. We can setup more than one recipe of Notify Me When - make them identical but enter a different cell number into each one. Here are details steps:

SmartThings Classic > Marketplace > SmartApps (upper-right) > Safety & Security > Notify Me When > choose one or more events. Where it says “Via a push notification and/or an SMS message”: If you leave that blank, you’ll receive a push notification … scroll down to choose “Notify me via Push Notification” and choose Yes. If you enter a cell phone number, that number will get an SMS message. Click “Save”. (upper-right) You won’t be able to enter more than one cell phone number here either, but here’s the cool thing. You can setup multiple Notify Me When ‘recipes’. So just create the same recipe over again, with a slightly different name. Then, two different cell numbers can get the same notifications.

To view your Notify Me When recipes: Choose ‘Automation’ in the lower bar > SmartApps (upper-right). You can edit or remove them any time. To edit one, click on it, make changes, choose Save. To remove one, click on it, scroll all the way down and choose the red Remove button.

I hope this helps someone.