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I’m have webcore setup to send a push notification when a door sensor is open. If the door opens again, I don’t want it to send another push notification until 30mins have past. How can I do this? Thank you

Use the Notify me When app from the marketplace in the security section. It does this.

I would really like to stick with webcore if possible…

You may have better luck on the webcore forum:

A variable is probably easiest.

If Door opens and {notifed} = false {
Notify me
Set variable {notified} = true
Wait 30 minutes
Set variable {notified} = false

Make sure you set the task cancellation policy to never, but that’s the basic idea of what I’d do. The webcore forum can probably help you more if you’d like a more elegant solution.

Jsulliweb, I can’t figure out how to set the variable as you explained it. Could you post the script? Thanks for your help!

Sorry, my explanation probably implies you know more than I think it does… because I generally assume most folks around here know more than me. :grin: Anywho, here’s the code for what I mentioned above. Hope it helps!

And as mentioned before: I set the task cancellation policy for action to “Never Cancel Tasks”.

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Thanks so much for that! I’m still a beginner to core… I’m not going to tell you how long it took me to find where to set the TCP! lol… Do you know if there’s a way to add the time the contact sensor opens in the push notification?

Something like this?

Change the message type (blue box to the left of the text from Value to Expression. Then, write text inside " " and a + between it and the variable. In this case, I used $time, but you can also change it to $time24 if you prefer 24-hour time or to now if you want the date and time. Once, you get to the expression and you hit , it will list all the options you have. Those are the three easiest for me to deal with.

Oh, and add your spaces inside the " " or your text will all run together.