Recurring notification when door is left open for XX minutes?

Hello all,

First off, I started off by searching for this and didn’t find anything specific for my question.

Is there a way to set up SHM, Something Left Open, etc. to provide recurring notifications every XX minutes when my door is left open? Currently, I can get it to notify me once, but that’s it. I’d like the notification to continue to repeat every X minutes until the sensor is closed.

I have installed this setup for my garage doors and it reminds me every x minutes once the initial reminder time has passed. I’d really like to do this with my doors as my kids have a habit of leaving them open.

I can follow instructions well so if this is something that requires some custom work, just let me know what to do, when to do it, etc. and I’ll go for it. That’s how I got the linear opener integrated into my ST/Alexa.

Thanks in advance.



You can accomplish this with WebCORE

They have a community forum too

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There is a smart app called “Left it open” you can get through the IDE. I use it to do just as you describe. When I am home it will send me a notification every 30 minutes if I leave the garage door open. You can set it to any amount of time you would like.


There are soooo many options.

I believe RemindR will do this too. And also “notify me when”

The best thing about this platform is the choice. It comes with a little instability, but it’s totally worth it. :slight_smile:

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How do I find these other apps like “Left it open” and RemindR? I tried to do the webCoRE thing and while I’m sure it’ll do what I need, I can’t find out how to code it (quickly) to notify me every 1 minute when the door is open. Will take longer than I want to learn it. Trying to set it up this evening.

webCore is definitely advanced. Search this forum for RemindR, but it’s advanced too.

For Notify app, simply browse Smartapps in the ST app. It’s under Safety and Security.

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Don’t see Left it Open in the smartapps within the app. I wish there was a search function in the app.

Log into your IDE and then go to my smartapps. You will not find left it open in the app until you add the template from the IDE. In the IDE select add a new smartapp, the button on the top right side of page. Then select from Template, scroll down until you find the app you want. I don’t think “Notify me” will work. It will notify you when a sensor is open or closed and you can set how often you get a notification, but you want it to check how long a sensor is open. I think " left it open" is your best choice. RemindR may work but I am not familiar with it.


I can’t find left open either, the words are not unique enough for search.

I did however point to notify me when which I think will do this.

Edit: I’m wrong about Notify app, too simple for your use.

Someone will point us soon (beat me to it see above), great community.

Awesome. Thanks for the newbie instructions. That helped and I found left it open. Going to work with it now and see if I can get it all setup.

Got LIO working. Thanks for the help!

Question for coders… with the Left It Open app, the message repeats as I want it but it repeats the same “defined minutes” each time.

So if I set it to notify me if left open for 2 minutes, and repeat the notification every 1 minute, I get the same 'the door has been left open for 2 minutes" every 1 minute.

Can someone help me “add the minutes” in the code for the notifications? So the first notification says “2 minute”, the next says 3, next 4, etc. If not, I just plan to remove “for ${minutes}” from the notification and just have it state “The XXX door has been left open” The applicable snippet of the code is as follows, if someone can help…

def minutes = (openThreshold != null && openThreshold != “”) ? openThreshold : 10
def msg = “${contact.displayName} has been left open for ${minutes} minutes.”

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@BBoy486 just linked my ‘Super Notifier’ app, it’s basically the ‘Left it Open’ app on steroids. What you’re asking for is what I refer to as “Periodic Notificaitons.” You can set it to wait any number of minutes before the first alert, and then set it to notify you periodically at a separate interval after that, and/or at certain times everyday/sunrise/sunset/whenever the mode changes.

Most of the install questions you can come up with are answered in the thread. The main thing is you need to install the code in the API, and that it’s a “parent/child” app so while you install all three apps separately in the API, you only need to open the parent “Super Notifier” app on your phone to set it up.


Same here but have not bought the sensor/ monitor yet. Want one I do not pay per month. Need to know if gararge is left open from in the home or away. Help please?

I’m there now but witch one? There are many apps.

It’s called “Left it open” under the convenience category…

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Thank you Mike very much.

Mike I found it but do not have a smart things hub. And don’t want ADT monitoring. What are my options?
Thank you Mike.
Susan Kay

I created a progressive notification that tells you how long my lock has been left unlocked with Webcore. Have it for my garage as well.

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You can just get the smartthings hub without adt monitoring. That’s how it’s been for years… The hub goes on sale a lot for 50% off, but normal $100 price is pretty good. Just need that and some contact sensors (can be had for $38, these Ecolink ones on Amazon work great, seem to be way more reliable than the Smartthings ones, but work with the hub:

You can use the “left it open” smartapp within the smartthings app once you get the hub, or the webcore option just posted, or my “super notifier” smartapp if you want more options for alerts when the garage door is left open. You’ll need to get the hub and set it up first, then these forums will help you with anything you need.

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