How to monitor if Multipurpose sensor is open for a long time


I am using multipurpose sensors and I know that I can receive a push notification when my door is opened or closed, but I would like to receive a push notification when my door is opened for a long time. Is it possible?


You can do that pretty simply with webCore.

Something along the lines of IF door is Open, THEN WAIT x minutes, SEND PUSH NOTIFICATION.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

My need is more like with: when the door is opened so clock starts, if this clock reaches out x minutes, 15min for example, I will receive a push notification, but if someone closes the door after clock starts before it reach out 15min so I won’t receive a push.

As I’m not a developer I would like to know if is there some Smartapp handler to this purpose?

Thanks again.

Add the smart app called ‘left it open’. You can have multiple instances for different doors

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That’s exactly what webCore will do, but if you decide not to go that route hopefully the app @Tim_Jones described will work for you…

It has worked perfectly! Thank you very much.

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