CoRE Help with notifications

(Joseph Fattizzi) #1

I want a notification if my garage door is left open after 10 minutes. I assume I can use CoRE for this? I have a smart app, but it is quiet old and sometimes it doesnt work.

(Robin) #2

Install webcore:

Then import this:

(Robin) #3

But if you want something a bit more funky, this is what I use for my back gate:

It sends me a message every 10 minutes reminding me the gate is open, with dynamic messages that state the duration the gate has been open:

WARNING - The back gate has been open for 10 minutes
WARNING - The back gate has been open for 20 minutes

WARNING - The back gate has been open for 1 hour and 10 minutes

etc. etc.

( I hate Mondays) #4

you need to add another SMS notification right after the while that says “Thank you for closing the gate, man, whatta draft…”

(Joseph Fattizzi) #5

Thank you. But I dont know how to get the second script to work with my stuff. I dont want a text message, i want push notification to my phone only.

( I hate Mondays) #6

you need to enable contacts, select the needed contact(s) in the webCoRE parent app, then use the Send notification to contacts task and choose your PUSH contact.

(Joseph Fattizzi) #7

But how to i create the expression to increase the notification by 10 minutes. So for example…the door is open 10 min, then the door is open 20 min. etc.

(Joseph Fattizzi) #8

where do i enable contacts>? I am new to webcore! lol

( I hate Mondays) #9

Contacts are a ST feature, a quick search in the forum for “enable contacts” brought me here:

EDIT: Follow this:

(Robin) #10

When editing the script, click on the part that sends the SMS and change it to send a push notification instead. Personally I prefer SMS messages because they leave a nice log and go ping!!

(Joseph Fattizzi) #11

Cool. One last question. I have a piston in the original CoRE that contains a condition called “And if…” What is the equivalent in WebCore?

(Robin) #12

Just put an IF statement inside an IF statenent (but avoid triggers in the 2nd IF, only use conditions)