Selling home in 2019, can't find current ST hub transfer instructions

Hello all - I’ve read through a few threads detailing how to transfer a hub to a new homeowner. Others have done it by creating a new email, having support help move their ST account to that email, then handing over that email/pass to the new homeowner. These threads are a bit dated.

I’ve been emailing SmartThings support for a few days. The message is that this can’t be done and that I must factory reset:

At this moment there is only one option that I can suggest you is if you have to transfer ownership of the hub to a new user you have to remove the hub from your account so that the new user can connect it to his account.

SmartThings Support Team

Any other ideas? I have many devices and routines - recreating them would be tough.

Yup. Factory reset it and let them set it back up

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I really wish that was an option, but the home was shown/sold with routines/SmartApps working and needs to be handed off that way.

Doubtful you’re going to have much luck and pray that you don’t.l, otherwise you’re going to be stuck supporting your new homeowner forever.

Id take the statement from support saying it’s not possible back to your realtor and go from there…

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Genuine customers could lose / change their email accounts for many reasons - For example, they may register Hub with an ISP ( and then switch to a different ISP. Or a work email and then change jobs.

Telephone support and tell them you’ve closed your email account and need to be transferred to new Samsung Account.

It’s unacceptable for them not to be able to edit a single Account owner authentication record.

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There was a recent thread on this. If I was a buyer, I’d want to factory reset. There are too many possibilities of forgotten passwords, extra users, etc

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Your best option is to reset the hub and build it back up under another email address. I’m rehabbing my old house and was going to reset the ST and set it back up under a different email address and just pass the info off to a new person. I have everything pulled out except a few door sensors and plugs and a cheap thermostat that works with ST. It’s tied to a smart lock that turns the a/c and a few lights on as contractors come and go. Still have cameras in and out of the house to monitor everything. Once it’s ready to sell, the only thing I was considering leaving was the ST hub, door sensors and thermostat. But honestly, it’s probably just going to be better to remove it all. I don’t want to play IT to someone else for free I don’t know. I’d rather give the hub and my extra equipment to a friend and get them on board with all this fancy stuff haha.

If the person buying already has a Samsung account (or simply want to use an existing email address) then they will need to reset it yet again so why go though all that.


Pretty sure support can change the e-mail address associated with your account. I’d set up a new e-mail address and have support move it to that e-mail address. Change the password on the smartthings account to something different for the new home owner and give to the new home owner. Give the username and password to the new e-mail address to the new home owner. They can then deal with it from there.

When ST started migrating accounts from an ST account to Samsung account… all that changed.

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It should make it easier (well - backseat engineering here). The link to the Samsung confederated credentials should be a simple pointer that could be updated to point to any other Samsung Account.

Good point. I’m just gonna leave everything out and give it to a friend to play with.

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I am not sure if this could help but you could change your samsung account to use a generic email address you give away with the house and new owner modify credentials after.
So in short you don’t touch the smarttings side but the samsung account side.
Then they can add their personal emails as smartthings guest accounts and only use the generic one for admin purpose.
The only drawback is if, like me, you own other samsung products… But I believe this is feasible to move them to another samsung account after migrating your devices (phones tablets…).


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