Transfer ”ownership” of account in ST

Is it possible to set up the hub on one account, and then transfer ownership to another account? (Not just invite a member)

(E.g moving out but leaving ST and all installation as is in the house).

I think most people just do the initial set up with a Gmail account that isn’t used for anything else.

That way when you move out you just give them the Gmail account and tell them to change the password on it.

That said, be aware that selling a system with a home in this way will in some states make you responsible for the proper operation of that system, which is not what most home sellers want.

The usual advice from real estate brokers in 2019 is to factory reset everything, devices and hub, and give them the equipment with the understanding that they will have to set it up as though they had just purchased it themselves. That generally removes you from the liability for its proper operation on the automation side.

That is also the advice from the FTC, to avoid any false marketing claims. See the following existing discussion (the topic title is a clickable link). It includes links to the FTC and brokers Association guidance.

Also be aware that individual device manufacturers may not allow for the device warranty to be transferred to a new owner.

How do you transition a smart house when you sell it? (2018)


i sure hope to h311 there is a way to change your email address. email addresses are never permanent!
i lost my Netscape email addy when aol bought them… what happens if you change isp and you lose your email addy.
edit: looks like you can from the samsung account page.

But the e-mailadress is the ST account? So by changing the e-mailadress that changes the login credentials?

If that is possible, then it would be an easy solution!

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Did you have luck with this? I’m worried there’s more to a Samsung account than just the email address and that it covers more than SmartThings. I’d assume this would, for instance, immediately cause issues with my Samsung cell phone.

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Looking into this as well. I can see I can have more than one account - somehow, but I don’t know how I got two or to add another email account to transfer to. I can also see I can move “locations” to other accounts. If I could do that, I would try the dummy gmail account idea listed above.

Were you able to switch your hub to the other account?


I am also interessted to hear if anyone has successfully transfered the location with all devices and automations to another account… Thanks

Same issue , i setup my hub with a hotmail account and now want to switch to my samsung phone with a gmail account, how can i make this more seamless?