SOLD: Whole Home SmartThings Setup - $500

Early March/April downtime was the straw that broke the camel’s back. My wife told me I needed to remove all of the SmartThings items from the house. Couldn’t really argue after having to get up and turn off random lights each night, schedules not firing, etc.

My loss is your gain. Not really interested in piecing these out individually, so I’m selling ALL of these items for $500 OBO via PayPal.

They’ve been uninstalled since early May and I’m just getting around to selling. They were all working fine when I removed, save for the SmartThings issues.

14 ge zwave zw4001 switches
5 ge zwave aux zw2002 aux switches
2 ge zwave zw4005 switches
6 Linear wd500z-1 dimmers
1 linear wt00z-1 auz switch
2 linear pd300z-2 plug in dimmers
1 aeon labs energy monitor in box gen 1

5 gen2 smart sense motion in box
1 gen1 smart sense motion
2 gen1 smart key fob
1 zigbee he switch zb4001
2 smartsenae multi version 1 (no magnets, used on my garage door)
1 smart things open close sensor version 2 (has magent, not shown in pic)
2 GE Link bulbs
1 cree connected bulb
1 sylvania br30

hubs (not shown)
1 gen1 hub
1 gen2 hub (with box)

Send me a PM if you’re interested. All sales are final.

Oh man!!! You’re about 6 months too early for me. We’re looking at buying a new house and I’m going to need a big haul like this at some point. Problem is, I don’t know what I’ll need and I’m sure that a bunch of this will be overkill.
If anybody on here is looking to jump in Whole Hog or are buying a 2nd home, this would get you up and running really nicely.
Good luck!

Thanks for the interest. Just sold.

I’m sure my wife will appreciate that somebody else got to them before me. :wink:


So I was 32 min late! Argh. I didn’t need any of that, but probably wouldn’t have stopped me… :slight_smile:


I needed absolutely none of it… But I would have bought every bit of it anyway!


What’s disheartening is the loss of another long time community member due to the failure of ST to maintain a stable system. Very sad.


Just shot myself in the freaking foot. Wife complaied all day about doing the chiken dance in the kitchen (lights turning off while still motion is active), so I unplugged the hub to show her that is better with a little dance, and now I have a bunch of frozen zigbee devices. That will teach me…

@engelwood sorry for your loss…I am, at times right there with you. You are a bigger man than many of us. Good luck with your other hobbies.