FS: Lot of new and used SmartThings sensors & hub (SOLD)


4 new in box multi purpose sensors
1 new in box button
1 used outlet
1 used motion sensor
1 used temp/humidity sensor
2 used water sensors
1 used contact sensor
2 ecolink contact sensors (no magnets…was using external contacts inside)
1 v2 hub

Would like to sell as a entire lot if possible. $120 shipped?

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I’m not interested in all of it, but if you do break it up I’d be interested in:

4 multi purpose sensors
2 water sensors
1 contact sensor

I actually reached out to a buddy to see if he’d be interested in splitting the lot with me. I’ll post back when he responds.

I’d be interested in the lot. Is it still available? Can you ship to Canada?


Sorry, looks like it’s all sold as of this morning to @WellBalanced