[SOLD] Selling my setup

(Nick Meyer) #1

Hello all. I think it might be time to say goodby to Smartthings. Maybe for good maybe for a little while. I am looking to sell off my setup.

Here it is…
Hub (purchased Jan 2015 from Smartthings)
2 SmartSense Multi Sensor (purchased Jan 2015 from Smartthings)
1 SmartSense Motion Sensor (purchased Jan 2015 from Smartthings)
1 Leviton Model # R02-DZMX1-1LZ
4 PEQ Open/close sensors (one not opened)
1 PEQ motion sensor (not opened)
1 PEQ water sensor (not opened)
1 cree smart bulb

I am trying to pay down bills. I would like to get $275-$300 for all. Not really looking to sell individual. But if that is what it takes then so be it. Don’t want to deal with ebay anymore because of the fees that they charge now. Thanks for listening.


(Nick Meyer) #2

Sold!!! Thanks for all looking.