Self build project second fix dimer switches and garage door advice

Hi everyone just nearing second fix for my Self build project that we have been working on for the last 3 years i am thinking of using:
House is all wired with 3 wires and will have led down lights in most rooms.
ST Hub?
15 x Heatmiser neo stats
Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 for all the dimmer in the house with click mode retroactive switches i am looking at about 20 dimmers is there any cheaper or better solution what about this
Garage door? we were going with a Garador GaraMatic 10 with a Garador Sectional Door or should we get a different moter like a lift master?

Thanks Juls

I use the Dimmer 2s, and they are excellent (I have just shy of 20 in the house). They have every feature you could think of, and are well supported by community written code. I also use retractive switches. I went for chrome screwless ones from Schneider.

If you’re using single click momentary switches, then read this before you go and buy your switches… every Dimmer 2 can be set up to have a second switch as a ‘smart’ switch. In my lounge I have a lamp in the corner with a Z-Wave bulb in it. The main light switch is a double momentary switch (2x momentary side by side) and the second switch powers the lamp. The second switch could be used to do pretty much anything. As can a double click of either switch. For this reason you might want to consider double momentary switches in some places where you’re going to have one dimmer 2.

This all hinges on you either having ST, or a Fibaro Home Center though.

If you’re buying quantity, Vesternet will definitely discount. I’d recommend the Dimmer 2 without hesitation.

Hi John thanks for the ripply:slight_smile:
I was thinking of using these switches
so are you saying that if i have 4 zones in my lounge and i would like 4 dimmer switches on the wall i only need 2 x Dimmer 2s and if i have leds do i need the by pass
Cheers Juls

OK, a couple of points to make here. The switch you’ve linked is a 3 way momentary switch. This means it has an off position (middle), and two ‘on’ positions, one up and one down. These can be configured with the Fibaro so that up brightens or turns on, and down dims or turns off. If you do this however, S1 and S2 are used which doesn’t allow for a second switch. These are also called ‘rocker’ switches.

I’m using single push switches, so just one push to activate. These only use S1. If the light is on, a push turns it off, and vice versa. Holding down dims, releasing and holding down again brightens.

My personal preference would be to use a Fibaro everywhere there is a load (ie light on a mains lighting circuit). The additional smart switches (if you have S2 available) can be used to control smart bulbs in lamps, or perform scene type actions. These are reliant on the cloud infrastructure, whereas the S1 will work locally. It would be possible to use half the number of dimmers and use smart bulbs, but you might end up spending lots on bulbs and get a less reliable end product.

As far as the bypass goes, it depends on your total load on that circuit. I’d try without first and see how you go.

Thanks John Thats so helpful we had a count up last night and it looks like we will need 16 x Fibaro dimmers and 10 x Fibaro relays on / of the relays they will control 2 circuits i believe can you send me a link to the switches you have used please so i can have a look also do you or any one have any solution for out side lights we have wired for a separate PIR for them but i cant find and z wave PIR that can be hard wired can i use a normal PIR on the Fibaro relays circuit?
Thanks Juls

Info on the switches I use is here: VFAQ: Lighting Control Options for UK SmartThings

I have since done more, and now use the Schneider grid system in some places. I have some doubles, and one quad. I also found a solution for a chrome momentary architrave switch if you ever need one!

As for PIR and outdoor, I don’t currently have anything. I have heard that the best way is to use a ‘dumb’ device with a relay or something else similar, as the current offerings of zwave and zigbee devices aren’t really up to outdoor use (too many false positives).

Hi John, thanks for the explanation.

so with the Fibaro dimmers, will one dimmer do 2 gang? i have a 2 gang 2 way switch in the bedroom and wanted to use the push switches you use but 2 gang versions.


Hi Pete,

Just to be clear, when you say ‘two way’, are there two switch boxes in different places in your room which power the same lights?

Or is this just one switch box with two switches (and two loads)?

If the latter, I’d really suggest one dimmer 2 per load. This means you maintain local control. If just a ‘single’ sized back box this may give you space issues.

If I can hear more about the setup, I might be able to give a bit more advice.