Two Channel Dimmer Modules (UK)?

Hi, sorry if I am using the wrong board.
Was a casual ST user 3/4 years ago, now resurrecting it to automate lighting in a new extension.

  1. Are there any 2 channel dimmer modules out there for ST ?
    (I have several new 4 gang light switches with neutral & 45mm back box & I was hoping to wire two dimmer modules behind each with 2 channels each to give dimming for all 4 switches.)
    (I can’t find any 2 channel zigbee or zwave modules out there, just a Shelly Wi-Fi one ??)

  2. Am I nuts or do there suddenly seem to be much fewer available modules around on Amazon vesternet etc ??
    (Remember there used to be lots - fibaro, Aqara, aeotec etc etc etc)
    Is this because of ‘matter’ or brexit or what ?

Same ones that used to be available, but most in updated models. So Aeotec, Fibaro, Qubino, Sonoff etc. most require custom code to get full use of both channels, though.

And, yes, the Shelly WiFi modules are only integrated with ST last year, but have become quite popular.
Aeotec seems to be having some supply chain issues right now, I’m not seeing their dual dimmers anywhere at the moment. :thinking:

But Fibaro is findable:

Shelly, as you mentioned.

As far as Zigbee, there are a whole bunch of Tuya models sold under different brand names (moes, Zemismart, Losonho, yagusmart,etc) but they all use proprietary clusters and integration can be tricky, and will usually require custom code. So I don’t know if you want to go down that path or not.

Aqara makes some dual dimmer switches, but I think not just a module. :thinking:

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Thank you.
Although I still cannot find anything other than one channel dimmer modules. There are two channel on/off switch modules but no two channel dimmers as far as I can see.
I cannot see 4 dimmer modules fitting into one 2 gang 4 switch back box, even though it is 47mm deep.
I think I am going to have to ask the electrician to change the back boxes for even bigger ones !

Has anyone used these…

Thinking of using them with a single height switch plate to provide a void behind the plasterboard below or above the 4 gang switch plate.

Only way I can think to get 4 off dimmer modules in behind a 4 gang switch like this…