Dimmable GU10s setup clarification with Fibaro dimmers?

HI All,

just got into the smartthings world and like the app and how it works

I have the z wave module fitted in a Yale connexis l1 and it works really well, also with a TV has its limited uses.

I have a 3 dimmer light switch which controls 15 gu10s across the 3 switches/dimmers/buttons

I would like to be able to control these from the smartthings app

I think i need the Fibaro Dimmer 2 micro modules and just want to check that if i get the module fitted to each switch will it be OK to control all the lights

left switch controls - 6 lights
middle controls 2 lights
right controls 7 lights

also i guess due to the size of module i will have to add it in a different place as the switch is in a brick wall?

Any suggestions/pointers greatly appreciated

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3nr Fibaro Dimmer 2 Modules will certainly work, but your right in saying they won’t all fit in a single back box.

You can however mount them in the ceiling void above the primary fitting of each circuit, just make sure you put the modules inside a small junction box.

Ignore the second switch in the diagram as applicable.

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Given you have a triple dimmer I don’t think it is possible to have a single width switch box in the wall, and must be double, in which case you might be able to put them behind the new wall switches you are replacing with. It does depend on what switches you pick in their place, but it isn’t impossible to fit them behind in this case, and might be the easiest option… That said you might actually struggle finding a replacement triple switch which occupies a double socket width… Just to add to what Robin said!

That’s a good point, didn’t catch that… existing triple dimmer would generally be in a double back box.

MK grid system could work well… they have momentary switch modules to go with this double width faceplate:

Aren’t the Fibaro dimmer 2 modules max 250w each? That would be only 5 gu10’s max per Dimmer 2? Assuming they are not LED’s

If you’re not fixed to the idea of dimming then the dual relay module FGS-223 could be an option. The module is the same size and switches 2 circuits instead of 1. You would need a neutral though.


all lights on the dimmers are LED gu10’s

doh should have responded to Baz- sorry - new to the board

thanks - just need to find a decent set of new switches

ok - might have a look at that option

problem i would have is that 1 switch does 7 lights so without dimmable that is going to be all bright or no light - dimmable is what we have had for 11 years so not sure i could persuade the missus to adapt

thanks Robin useful diagram - i probably wouldnt feel comfortable doing this so might get brother in law to do as he is an electrician and get him to set like this , think this might work well also as the modules would be more in the centre of the rooms and the smartthings hub is in the middle so would be a good signal.

thanks for all the responses very useful

just need to locate a competitive price for 3 modules and then get electrician around to sort it out.

ill post back on experience and how it all went when done

thanks again

couple of things I forgot to ask/check

when module is in place and working the current switches will still function as normal?
and with the app i will be able to dim / turn on or off the lights?
also see if the lights are on via the app.
also would i be able to set a routine up to make sure all off at set time.

thanks - and sorry for all questions

Yes to all of your questions, but the switches you replace with are not dimmable switches (i.e. a dial to turn). They have to be normal wall switches.

You can use normal toggle (on/off and they stay in their position like a normal UK light switch) switches, or momentary ones (these return to a default position after every press) - sometimes called retractive. The momentary ones bring some advantages in that you can press and hold to dim/brighten, while the toggle switches dont allow this. You can also get up/down momentary switches, hence you can have a momentary button for up/on (hold/press) and a button for down/off (hold/press).

e.g. three of these two way retractive switch modules - https://www.screwfix.com/p/varilight-z2dg102srs-10a-2-way-off-retractive-switch-brushed-steel/38220
in this 3 way faceplate - https://www.screwfix.com/p/varilight-xdspg3-3-gang-powergrid-faceplate-metal/28123
and you need this at the back too - https://www.screwfix.com/p/varilight-z3pgrid3-3-gang-powergrid-gridplate/38859

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thanks again for the responses

thinking of getting something like this


to replace the 3 button twist switch i currently have when modules installed

That would work nicely.

thanks all for the advice - ill let you know how i get on

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