How to utilize location of multiple members for an automation?

We have two people with access to smartthings. Main user and spouse. Spouse is invited and seems to have access to everything. “use location information” is enabled in both users settings. Yet when creating an automation for notifying when back door is opened while both users are away, only the main user is shown as an option to select. Nothing for 2nd user.


No thoughts?

You need to create a presence sensor for her phone, maybe? From her phone, using SmartThings Classic app, go to Marketplace/Devices/Sensors/Presence Sensor…

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^^ What @storageanarchy said. I would also add to make make note that when using your mobile device as a presence sensor, each mobile devices needs its own account. I made the mistake early on using my login credentials for multiple devices which messed stuff up.

Thanks. Yep both have own accounts. Tried doing what was suggested and when trying to finalize the addition of the presence sensor, got this error:

“could not create mobile presence device, due to no lat-lon position. Use the map under location settings to set a position”

Did check location settings and it shows our house as the target. Still won’t let me complete the mobile presence devixe…

Try going back to location in the Classic App and resetting it. Make sure you save. Should work after that.

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i have the same problem in the new ST app. have you migrated to this app and does it still work?