Select a location and room for your device - hangs up the app

Got a new aeotec hub, added to WiFi…when I try to add a device category such as ecobee or arlo etc it says you must link your account. When I click “link” it goes to “select location and room for your device” and then the spinning circle goes on forever (literally ran overnight). Rebooted hub, rebooted router, iphone. When I log into smartthings the hub shows up, shows connected in the app, just can’t add any devices or device categories.

do you have any other devices that you can install the app on such as iPad or other tablet? also assign your hub to a room if you haven’t already.

i’m seeing the same thing in the iOS app for cloud to cloud integrations. Hub connected devices work fine.

iPhone or iPad or both? I am not seeing the issue on iPad but I have not tested on iPhone. There was a user the other day who was having the issue on his iPhone but it worked on his iPad.

iphone. unfortunately my ipad and android tablet are still in boxes from our move.

jkp, I tried iPad and it allowed me to add one device type - rachio, when I try to add the next category it does the same thing just spinning circle.

that’s not fun! what is the second one you are attempting to add? call me crazy… did you try adding from your iPhone also?

I suspect it is a result of the app update that was released at the end of May. You may want to report it to ST support and let them investigate. go to Menu > Contact us… send logs also to help them.

what version is your hub firmware?

So this is interesting, I have the exact same issue with somfy blinds, but I just went and checked and I can add the Aeotech tech hub. I did report the Samsung, got the same standard reply asking to reinstall a app blah blah blah

I have the exact same issue. I’m trying to link my Tuya app to smartthings and I just get the spinning circle on the same page. I’m able to add some apps like Arlo but Yeelight for example does the same thing just spins on the location and room page. Also left it over night and also completely deleted the app and restarted my iPhone. No luck. I also noticed that when I try to add any of my Samsung TV’s it doesn’t work either. I tried to link the 1st few in the list starting from A. Only arlo seems to progress further. The rest all seem to hang.

I got an email from support saying it’s a “known issue” and they are working on it.

Hi all. Please try this again on the new iOS app version that was released today. There should be some improvements there that should hopefully resolve the issue for everyone.