Seeking perfect dimmer for existing 4 way - that can pair with dumb switch

Hi. So I have an existing 4-way light setup that I want to put on ST.

I have most of the details worked out, but would like to find a Z-Wave dimmer that can be installed like the attached wiring diagram shows the Eaton RF9601 switch. I know that I can use the Zooz Zen22 in this way, but I really like the way the Leviton DZ6HD works. I like the brightness indication, ramp on/off, brightness control, basically I just love the Leviton dimmer. I just want to pair it with a toggle switch SPST for on/off functionality. I don’t need dimming away from the master ZWave dimmer.

I know that many other manufactures must be designing their companion switches this way. The Enbrighten add-on that GE has which only wires to the neutral and a traveler just screams that it’s really a $17 SPST wall switch, but they don’t advertise that you can swap out a $3 dumb switch (I wonder why) and I don’t want to experiment. Anyway, any recommendations would be appreciated.

I know leviton has a companion dimmer, but as far as I can tell, it’s not available in toggle. That switch is on a wallpapered wall, and I don’t want a big white decora paddle there.

I like the Leviton dimmers, too. But as far as I know, they only work in multi-way using the companion. I’ve got two of them in a room that has two 3-ways. The companion has all the LEDs just like the main.

GE add-on for dimmers might be more complex than that, don’t know. Regardless, this is another brand that has to use companion switches in multi-way.

Zooz ZEN27 dimmers work with existing dumb switches in multi-way. That’s the paddle-style, they do a range of toggle switches, too.

Inovelli dimmers also have flexibility as to the companion in multi-way. Not sure if they’ve got a line of toggles.

if you don’t mind only having white as the color, The Zooz zen 27 will work the best. I ended up going with the Inovelli red series dimmer , so that I could use an almond color . Sometimes the Inovelli comes back on if one of the simple switches are in a certain position. That never happened to me with the Zooz.