Inovelli ZWave Dimmer Switch Red Series + 4-way = not exactly working

I have Inovelli ZWave Dimmer Switch Red Series. amazon

I have 4-way switch (3 light switches to one lamp), I replaced one of them with inovelli (with neutral) and two stayed the same. Per manual, I don’t have to install companion switches, right?
I used page 8 on this manual, second scheme. (Actually there is more than 2 options to have 4-way switch, I googled at least 4 of them. I know where hot is coming form, but not sure about the load)
At least hot is at inovelli location, not sure where the load is.

So I can dim the light with it, but if I switch off one of the dumb switch, inovelli dimmer does not do anything. It acts like it is working, the led strip goes up or down, but light is not changing.
Is that suppose to work like this? Or I configured it wrong?

my scheme is like this:

110-hot—(inovelli dimer)—(dum-1)—(dum-2)–?--(light)

Am I missing something?

Check parameters 21 and 22. They should both be “1”.

If they seem set correctly. Change them to something else and save. Then change them back and save again.

I have played with it a bit.
I am kind shooting in the dark, but seems like 21 is 1 (w/ neutral)
22-0 (single sw) works as is suppose to work, if i turn off the light with dumb switch inovelli is not reacting
22-1 (companion) does not work at all, produce some clicking sounds and led is flashing
22-2 (mutli way w/ dumb = what I need) it does recognize if I turn off the light with dumb switch (led bar levels to zero) but it can not turn it back. Bar kind of starts going up when I am dimming up, but drops to zero.

Any other ideas?

Have you contacted Inovelli support?

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Hey @muse – sorry about the issues and thanks @TonyFleisher for tagging me!

So, you actually want 22-1 (this is a dumb switch, whereas 22-2 is an aux switch).

If you have the handler installed, change the AC Setting to, “Neutral” – I’ve seen it sometimes where the switch comes set to, “Non-Neutral”.

Anyway, what you’re experiencing is pretty much what that article is referencing above.

If you’re confident in your wiring and have programmed the switch per the above instructions, then we can definitely swap it out for you.

Either way, we’ll get you up and running!

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Hey, @Eric_Inovelli.
I was finally able to isntall device handler.
Made sure 21=1, 22=2 (see the pic).
Basically, it does not behave: it recognizes, that the dumb switch turned it off, but can not turn it back on, if the dumb switch is of, see the video.
Does it sound like I need to exchange?


If you are using a dumb switch, your parameter 22 should be 1, not 2. I don’t recall the exact label in ST, but IIRC, 3 way momentary is for an Aux switch.

If I set it to two the switch produces constant clicking noises and flashing with LED, lights do not turn on.

Well, for you setting parameter 2 isn’t correct, so I wouldn’t expect it to work. I should be set to 1.