I need a new lightswitch

The Leviton Z-Wave dimmer switch in my bedroom died a while back and while it was summer, when days ended late, that was fine. But now it’s dark earlier so… Time to fix it. What I really disliked about the Leviton switch (besides that it’s the second to die) was the locator LED and the dimmer level LED keeping me up at night.

Can someone recommend a reliable incandescent Z-Wave dimmer switch without lights?


Many Leviton switches have parameters which let you turn the LEDs off, did you look into that?

Anyway, the national electrical code recommends that smart switches have indicators, so I don’t think you’ll find one made for the US market that doesn’t have them. But again, many have parameters that allow you to turn the indicator lights off.

As far as zwave switches for incandescent lights, pretty much all switches will be able to handle incandescent lights. Do you have a neutral in the switch box? Because there are some models which can work without a neutral but then only work with incandescents or halogens, they don’t work with LEDs.

Zooz switches let you turn off the LED indicator from the switch itself without a setting made from the SmartThings app.


Don’t know what model Leviton switch you have.

The Leviton DZS15 switch can be programmed from the switch to turn the LED off 5 seconds after use.

The Leviton DZ6HD dimmer can be programmed via a parameter setting or from the switch to be always off.

Other Leviton devices probably have the same capability, but the two I mentioned are models I have so I keep their doc handy.

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Thanks very much everyone. My Leviton switches are very old, they were the first released. I’ll look at the ones you all mentioned and pick one. Then I’ll be able to see in my bedroom again!


Uncompensated plug: I have mostly Zooz devices, ZEN26 switches and ZEN27 dimmers. They’re solid and less expensive than the Levitons. I especially like that they don’t require replacing both sides of a 3-way.

That said, I have a Leviton in one spot because they sell replacement Decora paddles in several colors. And I’m planning to use Leviton dimmers in a couple of places where I want to be able to control the dim level from both sides of a 3-way.

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I just ordered a Zooz Zen 22, v3. You just mentioned a zen 27. Should I cancel and look for the ZEN27?

Not sure. The ZEN27 is a dimmer and is, I think, their only one that can be installed in a 3-way without replacing or rewiring the dumb switch on the other end.

IIRC, to get that capability it has a lower maximum wattage limit than the ZEN22.

Read full descriptions at The Smartest House website

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ZEN22 also works with 3 way with “dumb” switches. But it requires switching a couple wires around at the dumb switch. ZEN27 is a little easier to wire for 3-way. Both can turn the led off from the switch. 22 handles a little more wattage than 27.



Its not a 3 way application and I want to put a lot of watts in the overhead light, so i went with the ZEN22. Still, it seems the ZEN27 has better dimming capability. I guess if I have trouble with dimmable LEDs I can always switch to different bulbs. Thanks!


And ZEN27 supports S2 security. Not that I’ve tried that yet…

Update: never mind but the 27 and 22 support S2 security


The ZEN22 still has a Wattage limit, especially if using it with LED’s, please double check that you’re not getting too close to 150 W of actual wattage. Keeping both sides of heatsink tabs on is also helpful!

If it’s a single pole installation, all software features will match between the ZEN22 and ZEN27. They use different components for dimming so that’s what makes ZEN27 work better with a larger variety of LED’s but ZEN22 works really good with most high-quality LED’s as well!

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Thanks to you all for recommending the Zooz dimmer. Its installed and working very nicely. I like it better than my old Leviton switches.


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