3-way or 4-way dimmer switch options

A couple of questions that I have as I am about to buy a bunch of dimmer switches for our house that is being built (i.e. new construction):smile:

  1. What 3-way brands/models work with ST? There is only one option on the ST’s list of compatible items (GE 3-Way Dimmer Switch Kit), but it states it is discontinued. Is it this model, i.e. would it work? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0013V58K2/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=21CKHPOUEY4X7&coliid=I1L9YHOHVF1B7R

  2. Could I then add another switch to make it 4-way and still have it work with ST?

GE has discontinued the original model, but smartthings is now carrying the newer model in their online shop. It should work fine for a three-way or four way. You need one master, and then the add on switches.

There are other brands that also work fine with SmartThings. You should be aware that only some brands have the “instant status” feature which updates the hub very quickly if the switch is changed at the wall. A lot of people don’t care about that feature but some do.

Just search the forms for any specific model you are considering to see how it’s working for other people.

Yes it will work any switch that supports z-wave or zigbee HA should work with smartthings. That a kit that includes a GE 12724 (Dimmer) and a GE 12723 (Remote). If you have a 4 way going on you just need to add 1 GE 12723 (Remote). So that you would have 1 master and 2 remotes. I

Also if your not very comfortable with wiring i’d highly recommend hiring an electrician 3-ways and 4-ways get really confusing really quick.


It should work with most standard zwave dimmer switches, but smartthings doesn’t work with all zwave multibutton scene controllers which retailers often list under “light switches.” So just one of those things to be aware of.

Also, while smartthings works with vanilla zigbee HA 1.2, A lot of home automation companies like control4 add their own layer of encryption on top of that which then makes the device incompatible with smartthings. I just mention that because you sometimes see the control4 equipment on eBay or craigslist when somebody has bought a house that was already equipped and they don’t want to continue paying the maintenance fees.

All of which feeds into my standard advice: only buy electronics from places with a good return policy. :wink:


[quote=“JDRoberts, post:4, topic:21383”]
zwave multibutton scene controllers
[/quote] Totally forgot about those :wink:

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Great so use those two for 3/4-way and 12722 for single switch then, yes?

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That depends on what you are trying to do:

1 of these are required depending on wether or not you want to dim as a master:
12722 = on/off, no dimming
12724 = on/off + dimming

12723 = remote/addon/slave, and needs to be wired to a 12722 or 12724 for 3-way (1x), 4-way (2x) or more-way :slight_smile:

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Got it. Since I want dimming, then -24 and -23 are the only two applicable for my case. Thanks for clarifying.

Do GE 12722, -23, -24 work with V2 ST Hub?

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im trying to do something similar. I just want one zwave dimmer. regular switches are fine for the rest. Which do I need for my setup? Am I forced to have a master slave setup or can I just use my normal 3 way switches and swap just one of them for the dimmer?

Unfortunately you need the slave z-wave switch.

so what all devices do I need for 4 way? There are 4 17watt led lights. I would like to buy the products and have an electrician do the actual install.

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What I dont understand is why manufacturers of these types of devices are trying to go AWAY with the switch and moving to a paddle.

I really wish I could find a good “quality” toggle switch with instant notification, that wont die 3 months after warranty.

Leviton devices work in 3-4 way modes. I’m very happy with the ones I’m using

Are the GE products cheaper than leviton? If not, what are the leviton equivalents?

What about Linear WD500Z-1? I assume that would be the master, but what models would be the slave here?

Heres the Leviton line card. Pricing tends to be a little higher than GE, but I feel the Leviton switch is a higher quality switch as well.


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