SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM in new app)

For those who have setup STHM in the new app. How did you separate the old app’s routines into automatons and scenes?

I configured virtual switches to run automations and scenes which includes arming and disarming STHM. I mainly did it that way so I could still use ActionTiles. Took a minute to get used to, but it works.

Generally speaking as I work through mine, the things you want to happen ade scenes and the things that trigger those are automations.

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Basically the same “logic” that the routines had, but put into an IF and THEN format. Although I did split the STHM to a separate automation based on Mode for some reason…can’t remember why. I think it’s because I had multiple ways to determine Home and Away mode but always wanted STHM to follow it.


Here’s how I do it, just click to open the post.