Security Home Monitor member issues

In the new app, when I go into security home monitor there’s an option to send reminder to arm or disarm monitor when someone/everyone leaves. But do this and it shows a list of members to select but it only shows me? Not my wife’s phone even though I’ve checked on main menu and she is a member. She has geolocation set the same as mine. When I checked in my wife’s app she can only see herself as a member at the part of the smart home monitor settings, but not me. Any ideas, please?

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Hoping to get some info on this. Also I don’t want a reminder I just want it to arm or disarm.

I am having same problem. Done resets, removed members and reinvited. No one shows up on the list but the member who’s phone is used to look at it.

one location in your account? login to IDE at and click on Locations in the menu. Just so you know, I don’t know the answer… just going through some possible items to check.

As always, best to report the issue to ST support :slight_smile:

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