Security cameras

I’m looking to add a security camera to my smart things system. I prefer it work with the other apps such as motion, closure, smoke alerts where the camera automatically takes pictures and send notification and pictures along with any of the other alerts. Remote pictures on demand is a plus as is video and voice but not essential. I’d like to start small (lees expensive) to start. I don’t want to subscribe to a cloud storage to make functional. What are my best options and trade offs?


There are community apps that will work with almost any IP camera. If going strictly on price the Foscam/Armcrest are a decent cam for the price.

The best ones are Nest, Ring, Arlo and Blink. Nest, Arlo and Blink are all capable security cameras with interesting features while Ring a bit weaker.

For example, in the Arlo vs Ring battle, the key factor that makes Ring stick up cam inferior is the inability to function as a standalone security camera.

So the best options are Arlo Pro, Nest Indoor/Outdoor and Blink XT.