Security camera alarm push?

Is it possible for smartthings/hub to receive push notifications from my security system the same way my phone does? I didn’t realise during my research and i didn’t buy a NVR system with alarm outputs, so I have to depend on email and push notifications. Email would take too long to recognize and react to, so I’m left with push.


If you have an android phone, you can probably use a combination of two third party apps, Tasker and SharpTools, to process the push notification and use it to trigger SmartThings events. Many community members do this. :sunglasses:

@joshua_lyon , the SharpTools developer, is active in this forum and can say more.

If you have an iPhone, this approach is not available unless it’s jailbroken, so the free IFTTT service may be the only option. They have a decent gmail channel which can automatically process incoming gmail, so that might be worth looking at.

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I believe you could create a webcore piston that does nothing until executed, pass it some parameters (JSON) and use that for notifications / input to execute tasks within that piston.

I say I believe because I have not yet done it - but have a similar usecase as yours - just havent gotten around to finding time to work it out

Each piston in WebCORE has an execute URL that can be used … have to see if it can accept either input or JSON

You would still need something in the middle running the Android app to receive the Push Notification. ST can’t receive Push notifications because there is nothing running to “Push” to. If your camera or NVR allows for other functions to happen upon a motion detection, and most of them do, you could use a web call to WebCore or to an HTTP device. Then you would be able to be notified in ST. Otherwise you are going to need another piece of hardware performing a “translation”.

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What kind of security system is it?

@JDRoberts is right that if the push notifications are going to an Android phone or tablet, you can use Tasker to intercept them and then SharpTools to push those events into SmartThings.

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Why an android phone? Couldn’t I use the same tablet smartthings is running on (wifi)? I don’t want anything extra running in my phone background to kill the battery.

I should have clarified… any Android device which is capable of running Tasker and receiving notifications from your security system. (eg. phones and tablets)

It doesn’t even need to have the SmartThings app on it.

Ok cool. So before I start this journey let me explain my goals to make sure it’s even possible.

Camera system is Laview by the way.

I get too many false alarms from my cameras so I wanted to set up a redundancy system between multiple cameras. So when one picks up motion/intrusion and sends a notification, that notification is held or remembered, then if the other camera sends a notification within say 5 seconds, smartthings would then send me that notification/text.

So I guess will webcore remember a specific notification from a camera? Remember that notification said “X” and compare it against “Y” if “Y” ever comes in and disregard if say “X” comes in again.

And, just curious, any reason that I couldn’t do this through IFTTT…not that I know how to use either.

Any input, thanks.

Any input?