Securifi vs iris key fob

I’ve been looking for a key fob because I find that the presence sensors on our phones aren’t reliable and the wife would prefer a more " traditional" home security setup. I will most likely be getting the iris keypad as I found apps and device handlers have seemed to work well with that. Also stumbled across the iris key fob and the securif key fob. I have found posts discussing both, but none of them seem to compare one to the other. I’m wondering if anyone has experience using both of these and which wouldn’t they would recommend and why. I’m leaning more towards the securifi mainly because the buttons actually have symbols that relate to their actions, it is also slightly cheaper.

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I have no experience with the Securifi fob, but my wife tried the Lowes one. She hated it because she could not remember which button did what. This goes to your observation the Securifi has symbols that can match actions.

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I went and ordered one securifi for $20 off of Amazon. I have the DH already loaded so either Friday or Saturday I’ll try it out.

Securifi Key Fob AL-KFB01 - Programmable buttons to Arm/Disarm your Home Security System

I’ve been using it for about a year for the same reasons in my wife’s car. It’s a solid little device…

Are you using the Device Handler listed here…

Yes since October or maybe even earlier, don’t remember exactly.

It appears that the securifi is no longer for sale on Amazon, or anywhere for that matter. Mine was ordered last week and still hasn’t shipped so I am kinda nervous that I wont get it. Anyone know if they stopped producing these, or perhaps a newer model replaced it?

The securifi fob took 2 weeks to arrive and when I opened the box it was a motion sensor :expressionless: So I returned it and bought the Iris Fob. It arrived yesterday setup was a quick, easy, and very customizable. I can just live with having pictures of shapes on my buttons instead of the actual function.

How do you like the Iris Fob? I am essentially in the same boat. The geo fence sensor built into the phone is not accurate and does not engage or disengage my alarm on a consistent basis. Therefore someone suggested the key fob’s as an alternative. the only knock being the battery life is pretty bad as really all it does it ping the hub continuously.

I can’t attest to the battery life, but so far it works pretty well. I really only have two reservations with this, the buttons don’t have labels just shapes so you have to remember which button does what. The other being that it takes about 20-30 seconds from the time I pull up to my garage door for the Hub to reconnect to the fob( I have a motion sensor in my garage) meaning I can’t disarm my alarm until it connects. It’s really not an issue for me as it takes about 15 to 20 seconds for my garage door to open and I have the alarm set on a 90-second delay; I am able to disarm the alarm before any alerts go off.

Also the iris fob is equipped with a presence sensor which at the moment seems fairly reliable, however I do not take advantage of that at this time.

So you manually, push the buttons to indicate you’ve arrived home, thereby turning OFF the alarm?

It sounds like the Iris fob can be configured to act as a presence sensor, but for $5 I might just get the ST arrival sensor. To me having to push buttons to disarm takes the “automation” out of the equation and is a deal killer.

Does having the ability to use the buttons provide any other benefit.

Yes that’s how I have it set up right now, to manually push the buttons to run a routine such as my away and home routine which does a multitude of things such as turning off and on lights.

but you can program the buttons to do just about anything such as lights, door locks, fans, just about anything, the smart app is very customizable . And like I said it does have a built-in pressure sensor so you could still use that presence sensor to perform your home and away functions and have the added functionality of buttons to do something else

Iris fob cost about $25 at Lowes and they also have it on Amazon with prime shipping

The presence seems so reliable that I am going to set up automatic routines based off of it. It take between 15-20 seconds from the time I get into my driveway for the HUB to detect that I’m back, and once the FOB has been out of the HUB range for 2 min it detects as away…

It has worked flawlessly every day since I bought it.

On a side note I do have a device in my garage and outdoor shed that mesh the network out into my driveway which might be why it detects so well

And suddenly presence is unreliable…Several times a time while inside the house it will be marked as away then return a minute later

I’ve given up on the key fob and present sensors altogether. I use the iris keypad from Lowe’s to run my home and away routines as I am leaving or coming home. So far so good