Iris keypad sale 16.00

Cotati lowes and others in area have the keypad for 16.00 and says it’s available for shipping.

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Wow, That Didn’t last long

Make sure you location is set to the right store

It was. Showing delivery now. Was checking to see if they had any other goodies marked down.

Ya I was just in the store myself and didn’t see any other really good deals personally but if you find any though let me know so I can go back in. Haha

As of 8:47pm PST, they are available for delivery at the S. Chino Hill’s store in California. They have 3 left for $18.

Looks like almost all stores have it for $16, but none are shipping. Easiest to just head to your local store I’d say.

Yeah I got a couple of them from local stores, they go on and off sale fairly frequently it seems.

I’m assuming this works with ST, any hoops to jump through or is it plug and play out the box

Not plug and play. You need DH and and a SmartApp like lock manager.

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I think this is it

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