Securifi/Sercomm SZ-DWS04 window/door sensor support?

I’ve been looking for a very compact window/door sensor and came across these on amazon.
Does anybody have experience with them? They pair up with my v1 hub but show as an unknown device (which is not surprising).
Given their small size I hoped they’d be more popular but I’m having a tough time finding any info on them.

See below for a size comparison between SZ-DWS04, New Iris sensor, and Schalge RS100(aka Ecolink DWZWAVE2):

The pic doesnt show it well but the SZ-DWS04 is about 1/3 the thickness of the Iris!

@mikespry, based on this:

I think this could work without much effort. Can you change the device type in the IDE to “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor” and see what happens? You probably won’t get temperature, but open/close and battery may work.

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looks like you were right! i tried playing around with it again today and i was able to set it as a SmartSense Open/Close Sensor and it appears to work fine! (edit: Tyco Door/Window Sensor type seems to work too)

I was trying all kinds of zigbee device types from my home office last night but apparently i was too far away from the hub.

looks like I’ll have to invest in a zigbee “repeater” device if i’m going to put them far away but even if the temp sensor doens’t work out of the box, these are a go for a small/low-profile window sensor.


for those hoping to use them, all that’s needed to get full functionality is to add an additional fingerprint to the already existing Smartsense Open/Close sensor:
fingerprint inClusters: “0000,0001,0003,0020,0402,0500,0B05”, outClusters: “0019”, manufacturer: “Sercomm Corp.”, model: “SZ-DWS04N_SF”, deviceJoinName: “Sercomm SZ-DWS04”

i hope somebody will find this when stumbling around for an answer on how to get these going.

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Has anyone noticed that the battery life really sucks? I don’t know if it’s due to the DTH, or the stock battery, or just how these devices work, but I’ve had mine installed for 5 days now, and the reported battery life is already down to 67%

Oddly - Mine reports the exact same battery life - 67%. Coincidence? Or a false reading?

someone mentioned on the Facebook group that it’s a known thing with z-wave devices… sometimes the battery shows up around 70%, but then sits there for donkeys.

My one Securifi DWS04 works with Tyco Door/Window Sensor, and show temp, battery etc, is there away to get the tamper switch working,
Thanks in advance

Trying to convert a home that was using Xfinity to SmartThings. The door sensors are Sercomm SZ-DWS04 Door/Window. I can’t find the sensors referenced in the list on SmartThings.

Any assistance would be helpful.

SZ-DWS04 window/door it works with Tyco Door/Window Sensor. After changing the IDE type you need to press configure button then the refresh button to link the sensor. You also need to press the — to setup the temperature

Please provide the steps to add SZ-DWS04 FP

Anyone know how to get the SZ-DWS04 to work with the v3 hub and SmartThings app? I don’t see an option for SmartSense.

Yes… I have a re-worked handler for this one that does what it’s supposed to… Had to add the fingerprints to one of the existing ones. If you still need the handler let me know and I can put it somewhere friendly.

I see that the fingerprint for this device has been added to the SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor -

fingerprint inClusters: "0000,0001,0003,0402,0500,0020,0B05", outClusters: "0019", manufacturer: "Sercomm Corp.", model: "SZ-DWS04", deviceJoinName: "Sercomm Open/Closed Sensor", mnmn: "SmartThings", vid: "generic-contact" //Sercomm Door Window Sensor

What’s odd is that this device is nearly identical to the Wink/Quirky Tripper (physically similar board, comparing the ones I have to the images here), yet the Tripper’s fingerprint isn’t listed in there.

Edit: I suspect it’s probably because the Tripper doesn’t include Temp.