Smart things hub doesn’t work with Sercomm zigbee devices—any alternatives?

I found out that the smart things hub will not work with my sercomm zigbee devices is there any other hub I could go buy that would work with my light bulbs ,door lock,thermostat, motion,door/window sensors and camaras any help would work

Sercomm makes devices of a number of different protocols. Can you give us the exact model number of some of the devices you are trying to control?

The first sensor pictured and the lock should both work with SmartThings as both are using the ZHA zigbee profile. You would have to factory reset them, and then add them to the SmartThings network.

You can find more detailed discussion on the first sensor in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

The last sensor appears to be problematic: lots of reports by community members that they couldn’t get it to work. So you’re just going to have to check model by model.