Secure Wireless Inc. Motion Sensor Pairing?

I have a motion sensor that was here when we bought the place. The previous owner had some company doing some monitoring for them and that’s who installed it.

Anyways, when I take off the back cover, it says “Secure Wireless Inc” and the model number is SW-PIR-SW.

Anyone have any idea on how to pair this with ST?

Thank you.

It’s unlikely that it will pair with smartthings. Smartthings hubs have a Z wave radio and a Zigbee radio, but most security systems use other frequencies. :disappointed_relieved:

Is there an FCC license number on it? If it’s a battery operated device, the label might be inside the battery compartment. The FCC license will tell you what frequency it uses.


Ok, that operates on 433 MHz, which is a radio that the smartthings hub does not have, so no integration is possible. :disappointed_relieved:


Do you think it’s a safe bet to say the open/close sensors are the same? The biggest chip on the board says 13.560zOZ

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The chances of it being anything but… Is ridiculously small… Especially if thats a security system board more than two years old.

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So new motion detector and sensors it is! Thanks everyone!

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Or you do what I did, dump the security board for one Icould integrate into ST. :wink: but you are correct that tose sensors won’t directly integrate. HOW you solve that problem is your choice.