Adding Interlogix GE contact and motion sensors? (migrating from Frontpoint)

I am migrating from a frontpoint security system which used a GE Simon XT control panel and GE contact/motion sensors.

How can I add the existing GE contact/motion sensors to Smartthings? I have tried several methods with no luck.

Exact model numbers? (If nowhere else, these will likely be with the FCC notice on the back of each device, or sometimes inside the battery compartment.)

The motion has FCC ID B4Z-680B-PIR

Contact sensors have FCC ID B4Z-664A-UDWS

Looks like the GE Interlogix models. The ones where you trip the sensor while the “control panel” is in learn mode. I have tried several times to trip/learn with the Smartthings hub and no luck.

That’s the FCC certificate, not the GE model number, but in any case it’s the interlogix one, right? Those can’t communicate with SmartThings.

SmartThings has zigbee and zwave antennas.

The GE Security Interlogix sensors broadcast on a different frequency, 319.5.

Are any of the sensors hardwired? Some community members have created captures for those, but it takes wiring.

Yes the interlogix ones. No, they are all wireless. They operated on an existing z-wave network. Will they be supported in the future at all? It doesn’t make sense for me to switch to Smartthings if I have to replace about 10 sensors :frowning:

They’re actually on a mixed network. Your control panel could use the 319.5 frequency to communicate with the interlogix sensors and had a separate zwave antenna to communicate with zwave devices. Just as SmartThings has both zigbee and zwave antennas. But the zigbee devices don’t talk directly to the zwave ones, the hub acts as bridge.

Same thing with Frontpoint, it’s bridging 319.5 MHz devices and zwave.

There have been no announcements about adding 319.5 antenna to SmartThings, sorry.

Have there been any updates since this post? I have the exact same situation. I have a whole bunch of frontpoint GE motion, contact, glass break, water sensors that I’d love to monitor via smartthings …

Is there any additional equipment that I can purchase to act as a bridge between the 319.5 MHz frequency and communicate with the smartthings zwave/zigbee antenna?

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Is there any word on if 319.5 devices will be made compatible anytime soon. I’m also in a similar situation and don’t want to replace about 30 sensors if I don’t have to. I have interlogix sensors all over my house from my alarm system. Would love to be able to use them for smartthings too.

319.5 antenna has been added to V3?