SMC Zigbee Devices (Xfinity Home)

I recently got rid of my Xfinity Home system. I was able to keep the motion sensor, and the door/window sensors.

Motion sensor is a SMC K9-85

The door/window sensors are SMCDW02-Z

I can’t seem to get the to connect to the Smartthings Hub.

Unfortunately, not all Zigbee are automatically compatible with ST. I’d open a support ticket and see if they can provide any advice. It’s possible that it’s just a matter of “excluding” the device so it forgets that it was previously paired with anything, or it could be that it just doesn’t work.

It looks like it should work… I found the documentation to write for the device. I’ll keep everybody posted.

I still can’t get this thing to work, and all evidence shows that it should. Here’s the spec sheet for the device:

I would like to second this request. I bought the device seeing that it operated using the ZigBee HA profile, which is what ST indicates is the appropriate protocol. No luck adding it yet, though.

So have you been able to remove / reset the device and clear the old mesh data from it?

(from the troubleshooting docs)
Push lightly upwards from the back of the SMCDW01-Z until the back plate separates from the sensor.

Remove the battery.

While pressing and holding the tamper switch, insert the battery into the SMCDW02-Z, with the positive (+) end oriented towards the tamper switch. The front panel LED goes ON.

After 1 second, release the tamper switch. The LED blinks green.

This should then put it in pairing mode and ST should see it as a Thing and then configure the device type.

Yup… Did that. Didn’t work. Doesn’t show up.

I was able to get mine to show up as a Thing. But it doesn’t show open/closed state. Always shows as open.

Not sure what the next step to troubleshoot is…

Do I need to write my own driver?

Ok, I guess I will take a crack at writing a driver -

The first step I guess would be to contact SMC and request the zigbee codes used by the sensor?

Mind if I ask the process you went through to pair them?


Open the sensor case and remove the battery. On your phone, start the search process.

Press and hold the small tamper switch inside the sensor while reinserting the battery.

The sensor will appear on your developer page as a “Thing”. From here, we are in a holding pattern. I don’t believe any working drivers have been created yet.

You can set the sensor, to be a “Open/Closed Sensor”, but it won’t work correctly.

We still need to get the Zigbee data from SMC in order to move forward with the driver development.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, I have two different types of door sensors, and a motion sensor. I’m going to give those a try too, but I couldn’t even get them to connect.

I am also waiting on the ST support of this Open/Close sensor - is there any estimated timeframe to support it?

Hrm, I followed the procedure that @jhart laid out, but the hub still couldn’t find any of my sensors :frowning:

Looking at buying some of the SMC door/window sensors as they are cheaper than the z-wave ones. Has anyone had any luck getting them to operate correctly?

I haven’t had any luck… :frowning: I have three door/window sensors and a motion sensor too, I’d love to get them working. They should be generic Zigbee devices.

what’s involved in getting this data? Is there anything a user can do to sniff it out?

Any luck with these xfinity sensors ? thinking of stopping my xfinity home service and would love to switch to smart things and use the same sensors.

Status check on this. I am seeing them pretty reasonably priced on amazon, so hoping someone can make them compatible soon.

I’m trying to do the same thing with the Visonic sensors from the Xfinity Home system. The Hub can detect them, but the sensors will not “pair” with the Hub. If you notice the light on the sensor (should be green for the SMC and red for the Visonic) the light still continues to flash acting as if it is still in pairing mode. If they can get one brand working (SMC, or Visonic) then the other should work also, seeing as how they are both pair-able with the Xfinity (iControl) Touch Screen.